Free Custom «Federal Judges» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Federal Judges» Essay Paper

In a country such as the United States, where two political parties play a great role in shaping the political environment, there is need to appoint federal judges and justices for life. The foremost reason as to why this is the case is because it has the potential of protecting the judges from the pressure of political parties (Hrabal, 2011). The rulings they give out will hence not be able to be influenced by the displeasure of the electorate who at times will want it to go their way.

The lifetime appointment of federal judges and justice is also important in that they will not be influenced by the president who is appointing them. They remain in office despite the passing of different regimes. As a result of this, they have vast wealth of experience in which they are entitled to use when issues pertaining to law, constitution and privileges are concerned (Bardes et al 456). Decisions made by judges are critical and requires a considerable amount of experience due to the fact that there ruling is likely to affect the whole nation.

Appointing judges for a lifetime also serves to show that they will remain independent of any political influence. They have the powers of carrying out their responsibility without the threat of having to lose their jobs. Life time tenure also makes the judges more independent and impartial and they will not have to face the obstacle of reflecting upon public opinion. They also serve to protect the rights of the minority as stipulated in the constitution (Stacy 437). Setting terms of office for judges is likely to encourage biasness on their part and a fair ruling will not be realized in the long run.



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