Free Custom «Ethical and Legal Preparations Techniques» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Ethical and Legal Preparations Techniques» Essay Paper

To begin with, there is a lot of work that need to be done before a case is presented to a court of law for judgment. This work is concerned with facts, observers and items which are looked into before reporting the case at the higher levels of justice. However, a number of ethical considerations have to be taken into account from the beginning of the crime to the end. When carrying out an investigation on homicide or burglary for example, the investigator must take into account all the ethical essentials required. The first and most vital consideration is that the investigator of the case must be non-biased and therefore must investigate the case with an open mind. Secondly, the case should be investigated with the jurisdiction of the law enforcement employees who are directly attached to the case as well as informed about the suspect identity.

Moreover, the procedure used to obtain information from the suspect should also be looked into so as to make sure that there is no any form of intimidation or force used to get confessions from the suspect. For prosecution of the case to be successful the investigation should remain legal and professional at all levels (Brown, 2001). To add on this, high moral and ethical standards of an investigator are of great importance to all those who are directly or indirectly concerned with case.

Even though different techniques may be used to investigate different cases, there are those that are common to all cases. For example, if possible all victims and witnesses must be questioned and the scene of the crime should also be examined so as to develop a theory of what happened (Alliso, 2008). In the same line of thought, photographs of the scene should be taken so as to get evidence of how exactly the scene was like after the crime has taken place. Apart from this, a sketch of the site or body should be done to get the specific place where the incidence occurred. Finally, all the information and tangible proofs found throughout the investigation should be processed in due time.

Burglary is a crime mostly concerned with trespassing into other people property with an intention of stealing or destroying property. Following this, there are specific ways in which such a crime can be addressed. First, the officer called upon should approach the scene as if the act has just occurred. In connection to this, the scene should also be secured by avoiding unnecessary touch of items in the scene so as to avoid loss of evidence. Apart from this, evidence should be looked for, especially, at the entry point of the suspect.

Fundamentally, some of the evidence that are searched for in a burglary case are footwear impressions, fingerprints, blood stains, fiber as well as tools used and tool marks (Alliso,2008). In addition to this, the investigators can also look for suspects in the scene if the crime has just happen. However, the suspects can be identified by looking carefully at their mode of dressing as well as presences of any injuries on their bodies.

On the hand, homicide is concerned with murder cases whereby a person is involved with a case of taking another person’s life. For this reason, there are specific guidelines that need to be followed when considering such a case. On the arrival of the scene, the victims should be checked for any signs of life, if alive seek medical attention and try to get the dying declarations of the victim. If possible a photograph of the victim is taken in the scene and if not so, a note of his/her position is taken in the report. Additionally, detailed statements concerning the scene should be taken as well as the summary of the scene from the investigative personnel. Apart from this, the situation of the victim before and after the murder is also looked into for more evidence (Forbes,2008).

At this point, applicable and recognized ethics should be used to handle both homicide and burglary cases so as to be in a position to attain definitive justice. Following this, all those involved with the legal application of the law should by all means try to balance their feelings and emotions towards the suspect. At this point in time, the events of the incident should be allowed to fall in place chronologically rather than counterfeiting their occurrence. As a result, the professionals will be able to get the finest results from their investigation without any biasness. However, the use of imperfect witnesses should also be avoided by all means. By so doing, the problems that crop up during investigations of any case can be reduced at a very high rate.

Notably, any case presented, whose investigator was unethical is prone to some terrible consequences. In fact, unprofessionalism in the field of investigation of crimes may even allow burglars and murderers to be set free which means endangering the lives of other citizens (Brown, 2001). Following this, many crimes and acts of burglary and murder will continually be carried out by the same criminals. Apart from this, innocent suspects can be prosecuted as a result of unprofessionalism of the investigators which is a violation of human rights.

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Nevertheless, prosecutors in any case are bound by the same ethical conduct just like all other lawyers. In reality, a prosecutor has a duty to ensure justice no matter what the case is all about (Brown, 2001). He is also supposed to provide confessions which should include exculpatory confirmation to the defendant. On the other hand, biasness of a prosecutor is not allowed however much evil a case may be.

Above and beyond, criminal cases have a basic protocol that can be followed for investigation. However, each crime is associated with some unique ways of investigating it even though some may be similar in nature where one crime can lead to another. It therefore calls for professionalism in the cases investigation field in order to avoid biased or wrong information. Finally, prosecutors have a very crucial role to play and must ensure justice in all cases whatever the cost may be.



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