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Effects of Terrorism on Criminal Justice

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In the USA, the state judicial system plays a vital role in prevention of terrorism, and all other anti and counter-terrorism interventions. The justice department in the US works under the assumption that unlike other criminal acts, terrorism requires extra effort in handling it. This is because the implications associated with terrorism are of greater magnitude than any other is.

Following the 09/11 attacks, for example, the criminal procedures have drastically changed in the US. First, it leads to changes in the famous Patriot Act. The radical changes broadly cover the sensitive areas of criminal law. For instance, a lot has changed concerning detention of citizens, and rights at military tribunals. Thus, many sectors of the criminal department have been modified or altered in one way or another. These changes according to critics are aimed at protecting the interests of the public the economy and the world peace at large.

Suspects who were arrested after the bombing all faced the military tribunal. Consequently, they had little or no constitutional rights at their rescue. After Patriot Act was signed therefore, leading to other significant changes in the justice system and particularly other fifteen statutes. This Act and the Anti Terrorism Act (ATA) granted officers unlimited jurisdictions over any individuals who were suspected of terrorism-related activities. In addition, the two acts widened the power over personal rights amongst privacy, other otherwise private information.

Due to increasing instances of terrorism, there has also been a rise in permissive interrogation procedures and humanitarian-driven policies governing detention and subsequent trials. Lastly, law has become more targeted with deportations being the order of the day, beefed up traffic patrol and reactive military retaliations.

Buy custom Effects of Terrorism on Criminal Justice essay paper cheap

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