Free Custom «Drug Trade» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Drug Trade» Essay Paper

In today’s world, drug trade has become one of the most viable businesses internationally to engage in despite the risk involved. Drug trade involves a cartel that is responsible for the availability of drugs to the users. Therefore, measures should be taken to ensure there is an end to international drug trade.Nevertheless, the blame of increased international drug trade of drugs like opium, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, bhang and cannabis does not fall upon a single person or institution. The police, drug peddlers, the government, parents and the drug users carry the blame for the rise in international drug trade. International drug trade growth attributes to corruption, lack of proper law enforcement, involvement of prominent people, globalization and availability of money for drug users and the lack of proper rehabilitation of the drug users.

Drug dealers are to blame for the increase in international drug trade as they are responsible for the availability of drugs. Drug dealers establish well-coordinated cartels that ensure drugs are available in the market. On the other hand, illegal drug dealers use various means to ensure drugs reach the market through air, sea or road. Drug dealers hide the drugs in clothing, luggage, foodstuff, in their own stomach and intestines in order to evade suspicions from the police.

It is essential to note that the best-known drug traffickers have relations with high-ranking politicians and prominent business men. More, precisely the highly ranked politicians involve themselves in the illegal trade to the extent of controlling it. These politicians involve themselves in drug trafficking trade, as they are able to get large amounts of profit due to the high cost related to drugs. The political position and high level of links to other prominent personalities give an opportunity to the high-class drug dealers to carry on with their business as normal. Therefore, drug trafficking is not all about an autonomous group, but rather a new class of outlaws that depend closely on political and police protection. As the drug trade is under the control and regulation of the mighty politicians and highly ranked businessmen, it is hard to bring an end to drug trafficking.

Besides, the government is to blame since it plays a significant role in the high rise of international drug trade. Corruption is evident in government where drug traffickers pay whooping amount of money to bribe their way out and continue with their business as normal. In addition, judiciary has considerably failed to bring the massive drug barons to face the law due to corruption. As a result, innocent people serve jail terms for false accusation of involvement in the drug trade. Lack of proper mechanisms to control transportation of drugs through the sea, air, and the road has contributed to the increased drug trade. Furthermore, government involvement in multinational trade that allows free flow of goods, and services have led to availability of drugs.

Police also play a leading role in the international drug trade as they carry on with their duties. Corruption cases have become rampant among the police officers as they cover up for the evils of the illegal trade of drugs. Considerably, most drug dealers have a close association with the highly ranked police officers who assure them of their freedom in dealing with drugs. Police officers who take over the patrol of the roads, airport, and sea security receive bribes in order to allow the drug dealers to smuggle drugs. Nonetheless, police assists drug dealers to evade the law by implicating innocent individuals with drug trafficking.

In addition, drug users are also to blame for the increase in international drug trade. Drug users who involve themselves in drug although they know the effects of drugs to them are to blame. Parents who give large allowances to their children without requiring them to account for it expose their children to the use of drugs. Lack of follow-ups to check the peer group in which their children involve themselves in makes parents to be contributors to the drug trade.

After establishing the various parties to blame for the increase in international drug trade, there is a need to look out for measures to curb the illegal drug trafficking and smuggling. Drug dealers should realize that the trade is illegal and should look out for other businesses ventures. On the other hand, government needs to restrain corruption in its courts of justice and all organs to ensure that there are proper procedures when dealing with cases of the drug trade. Establishment of laws that require proper verification of goods that come in from outside countries, assist in ensuring that there is no transportation of drugs through roads, sea or air.

Police officers need to abide to the laws and regulations that prohibit illegal drug trade. For this reason, if they engage in corruption with drug traffickers, they are to face imprisonment and termination of their contract. On the other hand, parents are to ensure that their children do not use drugs. In cases where the individuals use drugs, they should undergo rehabilitation programs and ensure accountability in their use of money in order to control use of drugs.

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In general, nobody can take the blame for the international trade. Therefore, it is crucial to come up with laws, regulations and measures in order, to restrain drug trade both locally an internationally. Although, it could be difficult to restrain illegal drug trade, the contribution of the police, government, drug users and parents will bring an end to drug trafficking. Nonetheless, reform programs to rehabilitate drug users will play a vital role in bringing an end to international drug trade.



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