Free Custom «Domestic Violence» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Domestic Violence» Essay Paper

Dating Violence

Dating violence is the abusive conduct used by an individual to control another individual in an intimate relationship. This kind of violence may be expressed in terms of psychological, physical, sexual abuse and economic and can affect any family with any amount of income, religion, race and education. Domestic abuse victim could be a woman or man in a traditional heterosexual marriage and even in a same-sex partnership. This abuse may happen during the relationship, during a breaking up, or after the end of relationship (Holly 8-19).

Types of Dating Violence

a. Physical Abuse

This is the use of physical power on another individual in a way that can injure the person, or him or her at risk of getting injured and may vary from physical constraint to murder. Physical assault is a crime, whether within a family or outside a family and law enforcers are required to protect all victims (Margi 65).

b. Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse can be verbal or nonverbal where an intimate partner makes elusive actions or conduct instead of physical abuse. The scars of verbal and emotional abuse are deep and studies show that emotional abuse can be more emotionally detrimental compared to physical abuse (Margi 65).

c. Economic Abuse

Economic abuse is a spouse’s attempt to control a partner by controlling their economic resources, such as by not allowing the partner access to credit cards or money. The abusive spouse this so as to keep the partner dependent on him or her (Holly 8-19).

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is forceful sodomy, rape, or sexual penetration of a reluctant partner’s intimate parts or private parts. These sexual assault acts are crimes since they are committed by force, threat, intimidation, or surprise (Margi 65).


Stalking involves harassment or intimidating a spouse in a manner that haunts or disturbs the partner emotionally or physically in an insistent and scheming manner. Stalking involves intense monitoring of an individual’s activities during a relationship or after a break up. Stalking makes the victim to fear for their safety and can be done over the Internet, commonly referred to as cyber-stalking or on the phone.



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