Free Custom «Death Penalty» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Death Penalty» Essay Paper

A clear decision has never been achieved on the penalty that is ought to be given to persons sentenced to death. Since many people advocate for death penalty while others view it as a vice that should be abolished but on the centrally I generally do advocate for death penalty because it’s a form of punishment meant to discourage other criminal from unlawful action. Hence if one is sentenced to death it will act as a warning to future murders that the same might happen to them thus instilling fear of losing their own lives.

Capital punishment on the other hand is likely is likely to deter than any other form of punishment because people generally fear death more that anything else for example a person serving time may not be tempted to kill a guard there is a death sentence in place. Vicious murderous should be awarded the death penalty because it helps in preventing future crimes. Prospective murderous are deterred by the death sentence for its more feared than imprisonment. Hence sparing the lives of vicious murders should not be encouraged because of the probability that executing them cannot deter others. In order to deter crime the element of punishment is necessary and they are imposed to make the treats credible. On certain occasions penalties can be repulsive and this in a sense a guilty person being inflicted of a legal punishment cannot be unjust.

In any given society, when one takes another’s person live the death penalty should be awarded so that the balance of justice can be restored. Unless this is achieved it can lead to the society succumbing to violence. The act of taking the murder’s live gives assurance to the society but also shows that murder is an intolerable crime punishable in kind. Under the religious values retribution it has its basis in the element a life for a life. When a murderer is convicted it gives closure to the victim’s family and a sense of security that the murderer won’t create more casualties. When people do commit heinous crimes and a lesser punishment is awarded rather than death penalty it usually undermines the society’s values that are placed in protecting lives.

Various members of the public are opposed to the death penalty in that they view capital punishment as a form where the innocent die. According to the Bill of Rights in the United States in it is stated that no person will be held answerable for a capital crime unless on a presentment of an indictment of a grand jury with the exception of the military cases. While in some cases it’s true that a few innocent people have been convicted of crimes they did not commit under the justice system and executed unfairly. This generally does not mean that the death penalty should be abolished because this is extremely rare for this type of situation to happen. When all appeals are exhausted chances are that attorneys will find new evidence to support alleged criminal’s innocence.

I disagree with the fact that adversaries have described capital punishment as unusual and cruel while on the contrary under the United States Bill of Rights it is stated that not a single person shall be deprived of life, property, or liberty, without the law coming in hand. Even with this amendment in place many people question the constitutionality of capital punishment because of Amendment VIII which states, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. Hence I do support the death penalty in special cases because I believe also that one who is guilt of the crime should be proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, which is the constitutional way of life.


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