Free Custom «Crime Scene» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Crime Scene» Essay Paper

Because the evidence from this process is used in the court to convict the victims of the crimes, the evidenced item has to be handled in a careful manner to avoid any later misconceptions or misconduct, which can lead to the case being compromised. So on receiving the knife from the first officer from the scene, the knife is supposed to be placed with lots of care into a safe container for easy handling. After this, need for a forensics technician to be identified should be taken in to consideration. When this person is fully identified, he is handed over the knife for a lab test from which they can identify the fingerprints of the person who used the knife and other evidence from it. When all the evidence gathered is out, the knife with the evidence is handed over to the evidence clerk who will put them down in writing. This clerk will then keep the evidence until it is needed and still documenting every person who gets an access to the original evidence, which is the knife, lifted fingerprints and the original copies (Jefferson, 2009). The reason of going through all this steps is to help the detective to have a clear establishment of alleged evidence in relation to the alleged crime. This prevents occurrences of fraudulent actions which makes the alleged person appear guilty.

Chain of Custody is of paramount importance to any investigation. The unbroken sequence of events is caused by a subject of evidence from the time it is obtained from the crime scene to the time it is presented to the court. Every connection in this chain is recorded, from its finding at the crime scene, through the process of evidence gathering, handling, lab analysis, return to storage, to the time it is transferred to the court (Aric, 2011). Every connection is put to by date, time, and personnel handling it, and what process was carried to the evidence by that personnel. If the chain of custody is not clear, if the evidence cannot be explained on a section of its process from the crime scene to courtroom, it is considered inadmissible; useless to the case.  

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Establishing a chain of custody is one of the important steps to be taken in any investigation being carried out. A chain of custody is the continuous unbroken sequences of events recorded of an item of evidence from the point it is discovered at the place of crime to the time it appears at the court. Normally every event in this chain is put in the documentation from the time of discovery at the crime scene through gathering of evidence, storage, and lab findings then again to storage then to the court. Considering the evidence item found at the crime scene, a chain of custody is the sequence of actions taken from the time the item is over from to the forensic  technician for a lab analysis to the time this evidences gathered are used in the court.

Q3. One of the requirements for a chain of custody to be relevant in a court is that from the moment the evidence is collected, documentation of every evidence transferred from one person to another should be done and none of this evidence is accessed by any person. In the place where the defendant questions the chain of custody on the evidences in proving whether the knife in the room is the same knife found at the crime scene and discrepancies is found, then the chain of custody has been broken. A legal ramification that occurs when this happens is that the defendant has to be dismissed as the evidences are not correct.


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