Free Custom «Court Participation» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Court Participation» Essay Paper

Courts all around the world are run through a constitutional jurisdiction and attend to the public according to the law of the land. The service a court offers to the public is provided by employees of the court and government, therefore making the participants of the court important. . Considering the number of cases; the people filing lawsuits, and the ethnic background of every member of the society walking into the courtroom; a high level of discretion is expected from each participant in the court. In the court, different processes are run hand in hand or following each other consecutively, this, therefore, breaks the duties of participants in various departments or activities regarding the size and representative status of the court. The participants of the court include:

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  • DCSE Agent and special counsel whose work is to present the court with formal payment records by the attorney and the respondent, represented by the DCSE legal counsel. The DCSE agent represents both the DCSE and the recipient of support payments, while at the same time presenting the court with evidence against the respondent.
  • Social Services Casework is a representative of families and children who work hand in hand with these to provide the best in the interests of children in foster care and those under protective order.
  • Court Service Unit Personnel is an office of the court, whose duty is to provide services for the court like filing of civil petitions, organization and completion of financial statements, provision of supervisory service to juveniles on probation, and drug testing among other parole-related services.
  • Guardian Ad Litem is an attorney mostly appointed by the court to represent the interests of a child or the interest of a mentally challenged adult on ground of what is best for them. This court participant does not represent the interests of the children and adults to give them what they want, but rather to advice the court on what best course of action to take regarding the cases.
  • Clerk is an administrative supervisor in charge of staff, whose responsibility is to set and maintain the order of the court. He/she makes sure that accountability in the court is showcased through efficient flow of paper and dignified service delivery to customers on the clerk’s office. 
  • Deputy Clerk is an individual in the court, whose work is to enter filings, prepare files for the court, provide assistance to the judge in the courtroom, complete filing of case paperwork, and provide services to the customers efficiently and courteously.

As the general court processes are provided by the above participants, the following are the major court participants whose participation is crucial and affects the proceeding of cases;

  • Judge: This person presides over a court case of whom every other participant addresses. He/she  listens to the presentation of cases and makes decisions on the case according to the law. In civil cases, judges seek the help of a Jury who listens and makes decisions according to their view on the case and there after providing the judge with their decision to rule out. There are different types of judges who represent various court ranks: a Supreme Court Judge is appointed by the president, while other judges are appointed by a government committee regarding their respective duties and rank of their courts.
  • Defense Attorney: This court participant represents a defendant by arguing matters out according to the law to prove the innocence of a defendant. There are two types of defense attorneys: a personal defense attorney and a state defense attorney. The former is personally hired by the defendant from a law firm or from a house of advocates. The latter is assigned by the judiciary, if the defendant cannot afford a personal defense attorney.
  • Commonwealth Attorney: In the court, there are two sides of every case: the side bargaining for the innocence of a defendant and the side suppressing those efforts by trying to prove the guilt of a defendant. The Commonwealth Attorney’s work is to present the court with evidence against the defendant as prove of guilt. This attorney is appointed by the judiciary.
  • Bailiff: The court proceedings at times get overboard with raging emotions from defendants, attorneys and members of the public present in the court. As a security measure, the bailiff protects the judge, alerts the crowd on the entry of the judge, and escorts defendants to and from their protective custodies. In conjunction with the defense force, the court appoints the bailiff.
  • Members of the Jury: Members of the jury are not always present in all court setting like the Supreme Court, but their work is to assist the judge in making the right decision in situations involving numerous variables. The members of the jury are appointed by the judges of the judicial circuits.


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