Free Custom «Consultant Scenario» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Consultant Scenario» Essay Paper

The first course of Essentials of College Writing will enable the consultation team to use rhetoric, logic, and correct grammar, thus; be able to analyze different writing styles. The skills earned will help in carrying out research because the law is a very complicated and ever dynamic. It needs and individual who has learnt critical thinking and analytical skills, which will be appropriately applied to the analyses of case studies, and position papers. Skills learned in college writing will enable a person to learn the value of carrying out research and apply the resulting information in helping the consultation firm. The other skill learnt will be collaborative writing in which a researcher uses methods of peer editing to produce a clear paper. Other skills involve writing a paper that shows the ability to support ideas, and show a clear and logical argument because of a well-done research. The rules of English writing, for instance, grammar, style, structure, and punctuation will also enable a person to write good documents. Finally, the writer will be able to use formatting styles on research papers.

Interpersonal Communication course will enable the team to have good communication skills. These skills will help when interacting with clients and other consultant firm members. Everyone in the team will learn that communication is irreversible, and communication can be done through physical gestures. They will also learn that communicating with other people is not complicated. This law firm will deal with people from all levels of life. This means that active communication skills can help clients get justice (Shockley-Zalabak, 2005).

Organizational Behavior and Management courses will enable the team to learn interpersonal and technical skills on the importance of teamwork, motivation, and managing other professionals and clients. This course will enable the team to comprehend how the cognitive ability of human beings gives a very precious insight of organizational behavior and communication. This will enable everyone to understand the way the human mind engages itself at work and during rest. Team leaders will use the skills earned to improve the practices that they use to manage the organization. This will help the consultation firm to meet its organizational objectives and goals. The team members will also learn disciplines like human psychology, sociology, communication. The way a manger interacts with her clients and work mates plays a great role to the success of every employee and the organization in general. The team leader or managers in this team will be able to learn on how to influence all other clients to work with each other and meet the consultation firms’ goals (Shockley-Zalabak, 2005).

Future of Criminal Justice has to take into consideration the evolving technologies, globalization, complexity in demographic changes, terrorism, and the development of multicultural composition. This course will help all the team members in the consultation to know the evolving technology and its place in the world of crime. If a person is not conversant with the changes in the criminal world, then justice will be far from reach (United States Department of Justice, 2010).

Interdisciplinary course will help an individual to work with members who are professionals in other disciplines. It also enables an individual to work with people of different cultures and personalities and thus help in blending. This plays a great role in “team building.” Training in interdisciplinary course enables the learner to critically examine and utilize today’s resources that are continually dwindling. The team members will be able to put to practice their critical thinking skills onto the process of decision-making (Dwyer, 1998). This course enables the smooth transition of theory into the practical application in daily life.

In conclusion, all these courses will enable the smooth operation of the consultant firm. Every service will be availed to the client due to high levels of professionalism. In addition to these courses, the firm will use novel technologies to enable the organizational operations.



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