Free Custom «Computer Technology and Forensic Science» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Computer Technology and Forensic Science» Essay Paper

To begin with, forensic science is defined as the application of scientific investigation in legal affairs. Following this point, forensic science has in many ways fashioned the world of impartiality stimulating investigations concerning criminal actions. Nonetheless, the present forensic science has its roots in the late nineteenth century whereby the investigation of fingerprints as an identification technique was used to solve criminal cases. In connection to this, it has also shown the evolution of the contemporary world technology. In the modern world, forensic science deals with autopsy techniques, DNA fingerprinting, criminalities as well as toxicology.

However, the introduction of computers in forensic science has really developed the criminal investigations approaches use by investigators. This is to say that, computers have really revolutionized the ways in which evidences in a crime scene are investigated. In fact, the rate at which technology is changing has made computers to gain recognition in the field of forensic science. As a matter of fact, computers play a key role in almost all misdemeanors committed including DNA test (National Research Council (U.S.) & Committee on DNA Technology in Forensic Science, 1992). Even though, not all crimes are involved with computers it is so clear that computer technology is also required in other crimes. Therefore, governments should make an effort of making sure that the law enforcement is computer literate in order to be in a position to keep up with the criminal elements.

For example, when it comes to the use of fingerprints to investigate a crime scene the evidence is taken to the laboratory and details are fed in to the computer database. This is done by collecting digitized evidence in a criminal scene so as to enable the investigator to feed the information in to the computer for investigations. After feeding the information the computerized forensic technology makes it easy to find the criminals (Pyrek, 2007). This is because other hardware like scanners are connected with the computer and all the suspects are scanned in order to find out which fingerprint matches with the one at hand.

On the other hand, the introduction of computers has also made the forensic science field to allow the unqualified police to investigate the state database of footwear in order to come up with clear evidence concerning the criminals involved. In this case, the process of investigation is made easier because the footwear database is in a position to lead the investigator in to getting the evidence. Apart from this, the oldest form of criminal investigation which is the use of fingerprints has really been improved by the introduction of computers. For this reason, many firms can make good use of the improved technology in order to avoid frauds during investigations and judgment of cases (Clark, Savage & Tilstone, 2006).

Actually, Metro Toronto’s Human Services Committee suggested that finger-scanning can be used to avoid benefit deception. Notably, computers are also used in computer forensics where examination can be used to locate verification for white lapel jobs. This is applicable in a case where an individual has tempered with software and processing units in order to get rid of any evidence of criminal acts. However, if an expert in forensic science is in a position to retrieve the information correctly then it can be used in court to prosecute the criminals.

In the same line of thought, introduction of computers has also lead to reduction of the credit card deceit, cheques exploitation as well as fake invoices. In a case like this, the forensic accountants’ experts will play a role by using their diverse knowledge in computers in order to come up with viable evidence concerning the manipulation of the documents ( Camenson ,2008). Additionally, computer animation is also another exploratory technique used by forensic experts in showing the seriousness of the crime. Even though this technique may easily convict the blamed, it is still greatly used as it is able to re-create the crime scene which is required for judgment.

A long with this, technology improvement has also lead to the introduction of new computer programmes which are in a position to analyze blood stains. The use of this new program is more precise and affordable. This is because the analysis is done in the crime scene and it makes it easier to track the criminal faster. The other advantage of this computer program is that it is more accurate as compared to the former one where strings were used to carry the blood stains evidence on the scene. Apart from this, computer technology has also contributed so much in x-ray technology where computers are required in order to view the specimen being investigated. In this case, the forensic expert involved is in a position to study the victim and indentify incase the body is already decomposed. However, in most cases where the body is mutilated dental x-ray is the most appropriate to carry out in order to come up with at least valuable evidence.

In addition to this, the introduction of computers has also improved a lot in the policing system whereby the police have developed databases which include the most wanted criminals as well as all solved criminal cases. In this case, the police are in a position to track the criminals who may be concerned with the criminal acts in a very simple way. In other words, the program used in this database which is known as the violation crime linkage analysis system is effective in tracking criminals and their crimes (Fridell, 2006). In actual fact, computers can also be used in forensic science even to tell the speed of the vehicles involved in an accident. Reasonably, the forensic expert can be in a position to tell the vehicle which could have been over speeding.

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Above and beyond, it can be said that the development in technology has really influenced the investigation process carried out in forensic science. In essence, the introduction of computers has really raised the standards of investigations in the forensic science field. Apart from this, the introduction of computers has made the examiners work easier as well as improve the accuracy of the evidence. Nonetheless, computer introduction also came with disadvantages whereby the exaggeration of the case being represented can make the accused to be easily victimized especially when animations are applied.



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