Free Custom «Business Law Tribunal» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Business Law Tribunal» Essay Paper

The Queen’s Bench Division headed by the Lord Chief justice is one of the United Kingdom’s divisions of the High Court. It is governed by the civil procedure rules. The Queen’s Bench Division is subdivided in to four courts. These courts hear cases regarding their specifications. They include The Technology and Construction Court (TCC), the Commercial Court  the Admiralty Court, and the Divisional Court. The cases regarding local authorities and their duties, decisions regarding migratory bodies and different regulatory bodies, as well as an appeal against a lower magistrate court, are heard through the administrative division of the Queen’s Bench.

The Commercial Court receives cases regarding local and international business disputes. These particular cases may arise in disagreement regarding the purchase and sale of commodities, trade agreement, banking and financial services claims, and arbitrations regarding commercial dealings among others. These cases are well prescribed in Part 58 of the Civil Procedure Rules. The TTC division of the Queen’s Bench hears TCC claims if they involve issues, which are complex. These cases include claims regarding special advisories like engineering, architectural and accounting. Claims relating to fires, quality of foods, property owners, and tenant disputes are handled in the TTC.

Finally, Admiralty Courts of the Queen’s Bench hears cases arising from maritime and shipping disputes. Part 61 of the civil procedure rules particularly outlines four types of claims cases to be administered by the Admiralty Court. They include collision claim, limitation claim, salvage claim, and finally a claim in the nature of damage done by a ship, in loss of life or personal injury and others. Besides the general civil proceedings, the Queen’s Bench is the only division allowed to handle the criminal application of writs of habeas corpus or a court order demanding the release of a person who is held unlawfully in detention.

Reasons for their Growth

The access of Queen’s Bench has risen in reference to the cases heard by the body. One factor relation to its growth is the fact that its comprehensive nature is starting to be appreciated locally. By virtually covering all the important areas in the civil proceedings, the confidence regarding to the Queen’s Bench has risen. It meets the demand of the local businesspersons especially in a wide range of fields. The Queen’s Bench has tackled the complex national disputes and has brought them into a single authority that can handle these disputes.

Embracing the internationalization and standardization of laws keeps the Queen’s Bench above the other EU local mechanism. Time and costs in the international business is the essential. This concern by the businesspersons offers international cases a simpler and a wider acceptable way to solve these issues. The advantage of normalizing local and international makes international and local business executives accept the Queen’s Bench mechanism seems fair and simple.

The question of technology is often complex and those cases often takes a long time to comprehend, and rarely the civil issues are resolved. With the technological advancement, the question of jurisdiction and definitions are hard to tackle. This unique problem makes the Queen’s Bench an acceptable and a standard local and international mechanism to tackle such issues. Finally, efficiency in the Queen’s Bench chambers is commendable the high standard of monitoring and evaluating their level of efficiency can well be read from their performance. From the website, one can beforehand check the listing of all cases and the chambers therein. This level of effectiveness reduces the time claims can be settled. In view of this, the Queen’s Bench has become an ideal local and the international court favored by business executives to settle their disputes efficiently (Hans-Bernd & Claus, 2004).



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