Free Custom «Are all Organizational Changes Beneficial?» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Are all Organizational Changes Beneficial?» Essay Paper

The organizational changes within an organization are very important although not all changes are beneficial to the organization and as a result the leaders should be very cautious and selective in their efforts to bring about changes within the organization. Nevertheless, organizational changes become beneficial when the change requires all people throughout the organization to learn the new skills and behaviors (Allen, Edmonds, Patterson & Smith, 2006). The criminal justice system particularly in the United States has continued to be unjust especially to the minority populations due to a number of factors such as judges being too strict and others being too lenient, terrible and great corps, exceptional and poorly organized lawyers and many have argued that these laws are mostly unfair to the minority groups since they do not have funds to spend on top layers and this has encouraged corruption especially by police officers.

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The justice system should be fair to all and thus there is need for police officers and judges to exercise fairness in their rulings to all because as is the case the Whites tend to get lighter sentences compared to other races and this tainted the image of the courts in the eyes of other races. There should be neither race nor an individual that should be seen as being more equal than others if the justice system is to be fair and objective (Cole, 1999, p.31). Treating all persons equally will ensure that the criminal justice system is highly respected and people will have confidence with the law enforcement agencies especially the police and the courts. The offenders should be punished and not just a “slap on their back” because this encourages the cases of repeat offences being committed since the punishment is too lenient.

The prisons are the other places that need change because the idea of prison has been wasted considering the kind of treatment the offenders get. The prison should be places where offenders pay for their debts to the society but not a place for living in comfort and being supported. Nevertheless, it has been argued that applying tougher measures on offenders in prison will not help in changing their character but instead will make majority of them repeat offenders since they get hardened by life in prison. It is thus important for the criminal justice system to strive to be fair and just for all but the problem has been lack of political impetus and will to implement these reforms. The current trend of the criminal justice system has been breeding a distinct mistrust of the of the criminal justice system and thus there is need as Cole (1999) notes for “communal integration” and it is the high time for everyone to confess that “all are equal before the law” (Cole, 1999, p.31).


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