Free Custom «Antisocial Personality Disorders» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Antisocial Personality Disorders» Essay Paper

A social problem is a condition that a section of society views as undesirable. Relativity in sociology can be described as a viewpoint that the current social norms and mannerisms are subject to change from time to time. On the other hand, personality perspective is a view that is solely based on an individual’s traits and attitude towards a phenomenon.

For sociologists that subscribe to the relativistic perspective towards social life, they regard diversity rather highly. This is because they value the competing, and often conflicting, interests of the society. Additionally, they tend to defy the importance of social norms as the only way of defining deviance. A personality perspective is more individual-based. This is because different people will have differing opinion on the same social problem. From this viewpoint, an issue may be problematic to one person but appear good to another person.

A social problem may elicit different opinions from a community. Therefore, it’s important that all these are taken it to consideration when making policies touching on the problem. A personalized approach when tackling the problem is most preferred.

Pure research is a research done for the sake of gaining knowledge. They are done just as a consequence of curiosity. On the other hand, applied research is an investigation done to try to counter practical worldly issues, not just for the knowledge.

Applied research is closely connected to technology and inventions. The results from this research are mostly applied to solve certain phenomena. For example, a research to treat or vaccinate against ailments. Pure research is done to investigate some natural phenomena. The results from such research cannot be applied in the real world. For example, the beginning of the universe.

Both kinds of research are equally important and can be intertwined to achieve better results. This is because results from pure research can be used when performing applied research. Both set of research can be misleading at times.

There are many different types of crimes that are committed. Crimes can be committed against the state and/or against an individual. Therefore, it’s crucial that governments find systems to measure these crimes for documentation and for monitoring purposes.

There are two main data sources used to measure crime: Uniform Crime Reports and National Crime Victimization Survey. The former is maintained by the FBI. It documents crimes known to the law enforcement agencies and arrests from the enforcing authorities. On the other hand, the NCVS is a survey that looks at the extent, manner and the side effects of criminal victimization. There are other schemes that measure the crimes such as gender violence, crimes against children and delinquency. However, data collected may not be correct since some cases are simply not reported (especially gender violence), misleading evidence from witnesses and compromised police.

Any government must measure its crime rate for it to enforce proper legislations and prevention of this crime. The analysis of this data can be very helpful to the law enforcing agents as they can monitor the trends of crime activities. It is important that the public enlightened so that it plays its part in reducing crime activities in the society.



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