Free Custom «American Criminal Justice» Essay Paper

Free Custom «American Criminal Justice» Essay Paper

Criminal justice is the actual systems and governmental institutions directed towards upholding social control, changing and protecting individuals against crimes, and sanctioning criminal offenders against the laws thus penalizing criminals (Samaha 112).

The primary goals of American justice systems are to ensure the maintenance of order and punish the guilty and remove threats from the society. The need to enforce law and maintain social order and the need to protect people from injustice represents a common and consistent doctrine. However, the two primary goals sometimes conflict with each other. The first goal known as the crime control model was Herbert Packer’s model developed to analyze criminal justice system. The model aims at arrest aggression, prosecution and criminal convictions. The second known as the due process model is contradictory, and it focuses on individual rights protection of the accused (Perron).

The governing system of criminal justice ensures maintenance of trust in society. Therefore, rules are set for dealing with those who violates the law in society. A protocol to determine guilt is followed through the use of the criminal justice systems which takes away penalty of the mob. The design of ritualistic judge division, jury, prosecution and defense in the American criminal justice help in a civilized manner, to temper, emotional, heat, rage and fury of the mob. According to law foundations, the main goal is to find the truth, maintain law and punish the guilty.

The need to enforce law and maintain order is currently the primary focus of American criminal justice. This is because in the current enforced state laws through a set of institutions provide a set of objective rules for governing, and ensuring maintenance of order in the society. Governments create and enforce laws, and the current subject of the criminal justice concerned with enforcement of the criminal law which protects the society at large.

The current situation is appropriate because once the law is enforced then criminal offenders will fear because of associated enforced laws with a form of punishments. The maintenance of offenders’ rights and policing reforms can lead to maintained order in the society. The current situation can also lead to developments in customs change, political economy and change of economic conditions (Brown 15).

The relative importance of the two goals in the American criminal justice is jurisdictional, normative, institutional and functional. The issue is that they both have principal components well organized at the state level to maintain peace and harmony in a state. The severity of the crime is a function of the relative benefit of the state since they levy punishments on the offenders thus protecting the society from crimes.

The two goals can be met simultaneously because they both work hand in hand. One primary goal can be met with another because they both operate under a set of rules that govern an institution. For instance, the need of protecting people from injustice is one way of ensuring and maintaining the law in a society. Policing of an offender in the criminal justice system through investigation of a suspected criminal is made, and an arrest followed. The law enforcement agencies are empowered to use force, and other means to effect society and social order.

Frank Schmalleger’s concept of crime control through due process realistic and possible is demonstrated in due process model. American justice systems should base on the fundamental freedom and rights of individuals all citizens. The due process demands a well and informed facts consideration of individual case. The primary aim of due process model requires protection of guilty people from wrong conviction (Samaha16).

Criminal justice especially enforcement of law and order in any state is beneficial because criminal reduces and other law offenders in the society. Government laws are enforced to guide certain state in order to maintain social, political and economical welfare of the state.



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