Free Custom «Yalta Conference» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Yalta Conference» Essay Paper

It brought together presidents of the USA, the UK and the USSR to discuss post-war strategies. The conference started on 4th February, 1945, (Leffler, 1986 pg. 88-123). The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) is an interracial group which sought to call for racial justice founded in 1942. It was founded by several Chicago students (Farmer, 1985). Ho Chi Minh- He was born in 1890 in Vietnam and later in 1920's he started a liberation of Vietnam from French invasion with other friends. The liberation was a tough one and he died in 1969 after the liberation of South Vietnam, (Brocheux, P., 2007 pg. 39-40). Civilian Conservation Corp emerged after Franklin Roosevelt entered into office in March was part of Roosevelts strategy to conserve America's natural resources at the same time providing employment to the young people (Merrill, 1981 pg. 9).

Marshall Plan was initiated by the then secretary of state, George Marshall in june 1947 to offer financial aid in order to help in the recovery of European economy. It was also known as the European Recovery Program (ERP) (Michael, 1987). The Bay of Pigs - this was an invasion of the US on Cuba led by Fidel Castro who was a communist leader. The invasion was ordered by president John F. Kennedy in it was intended to try to overthrow Castro over his communism regime (Rodriguez, 1999).

Joseph R. McCarthy- born in appleton, wisconsin in 1908, he was responsible for malicious attacks on Democrat politicians claiming they were in favor of communism in the USA, (Fried, A., 1996). The act established a 10 year transitional period for the independence of Philippines from the USA. It was approved on March 24th, 1934, (Schlesinger, 1986).Martin Luther King, Jr., he was a racial equality and civil rights activist in the USA he was born in January 1929 and was assassinated on 4th April 1968 (Jackson, 2006).

The Lend-Lease Act - This was a deal negotiated by President Roosevelt in September 1940 and approved in March 1941 where USA would exchange destroyer for a 99 year lease of bases in Western UK (Everett, 1942).

Roosevelt was successful as New York governor and he was considered as Democratic presidential candidate in 1932 where he won the election. He started an economic recovery process known as Te New Deal and was implemented in two faces: The first New Deal (1933) emphasized on reform, recovery and relief. Bills towards this effort were passed in Roosevelt's first 100 days in office in 1933. Programs including Civil Works Administration (CWA) and Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) were part of the relief strategy. Recovery strategies included the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) and the Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) while reform programs like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) were undertaken,(Paul S. Boyer, et al 2010 pg. 575).The second New Deal (1934–36): this was focused on eliminating corruption which had caused the 1929 Depression and the regulation of the stock market. These bills include the National Labor Relations and the Social Security Act, (Schlesinger, 1986 pg. 284), Both programs were effective in kick starting economic recovery from the Great Depression and they restored hope and confidence from the public. The New Deal was popular with the public but was opposed by businessmen who claimed the programs favored trade unions, (Schlesinger, 1986).

However, this ambitious program led to huge government deficits. It operationalised in a way the Keynesian principles of economics which called for government intervention in a county's economy. D?tente; who developed this political idea, what was it, how was it implemented and what were the direct results of D?tente to he United States, the Soviet Union and China.D?tente is referred to as a long term resolution to calm tensions between USA, China and Russia after the Cold war (Sarotte, 2001). It was orchestrated by the USA president and was aimed at improving international relations between the three countries. To understand the reason of a d?tente in the middle of the cold war, one has to understand the origin and the reasons for the cold war itself. The combined effect of the Russian revolution and the American entry into the war set in place much of the dynamics that would have a great impact on the international relations of twentieth century. However, during this tense period, there was a period of relaxation during the 1970s and it was hoped that the relationships between U.S and Russia will improve.The doctrine of d?tente becomes fully accepted during this period but it was short lived. When Russian invaded Afghanistan, President Ronald Regan regime returned the tensions. D?tente was made possible because of the rift that had developed between the Soviet Union and the people’s republic of china, the two primary communist regimes (Suri, 2003). During this period of tension between china and Russia, President Richard M. Nixon reached out to china and promised them that U.S was interested to end its policies which were discriminative to China. The cold war breakthrough came in 1971 when the US lifted its trade restriction with PRC. This was the beginning of a relationship with china, demonstrating that communist countries can operate effectively in a capitalist relationship. This was followed by a settlement of Vietnam war, although it was not an easy task for President Nixon (Sarotte, 2001).



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