Free Custom «War I» Essay Paper

Free Custom «War I» Essay Paper

Just like a double edged sword, joining or not joining, the war would have negative and positive impacts on the United States citizens. I would choose to take part in the war. Participating in the war would have been because the war did not aid in ending the war, on the other hand, the world was not safe for democracy. Furthermore, the war had been taking place since 1914; perhaps taking part in the war would help bring the war to a halt.

Neutrality is not desirable when the peace of the world is involved; freedom of the people as well as a menace to that freedom and tranquility lies in existence of dictatorial government supported by organized force that is controlled entirely by their will, not by the will of their people. By taking part in the war, they would make the world safe for democracy since democracy is a right for human kind. On the other hand, it would imply that Americans will lose their friends who had initiated the war.

Taking part in the war would mean the U.S government was responding to various threats which Germany had posed to U.S citizens. This is owed to the fact that in May 1915 German submarine killed 128 U.S citizens. Moreover, Germany had declared that it would sink ships which are believed to aid the Allies. The first victim of the new policy was Housatonic, an American cargo shift which German U-boat sank in early 1917. Even though, Wilson tried to be neutral, neutrality was no longer feasible this is in view of the fact that Germany’s submarine was taking its toll. On the other hand, by going into war America would lose its relationship with the countries it was fighting.

It is not automatic that American citizens would back the decision of going into war. Not everyone would support that view point. For instance, some politicians would not like the view point of going into the war. However, some citizens would back my idea, on the basis that some of the citizens had lost their lives as a result of the war. Furthermore, their security was at stake, since they would be the next victims. On the other hand, some citizens believe that trade would be interrupted, and they also feared for their independence.

I would use statistics from the recent past attacks to illustrate that an action should be taken, since our neutrality was under threat. First of all, I would call for a meeting with the U.S Congress, to discuss how best we can solve the issue as well as how I can convince the public to buy my idea. Since, the congress is the representatives of the citizens they would play a vital role in persuading the citizens to side with the government’s decision to take part in the war. German had declared all waters around Britain a war zone where any vessel, neutral or not neutral would be attacked.

On March 28 Falaba, a merchant ship which was bound, for Liverpool was sunk, and a U.S citizen was killed. 128 Americans were later killed in a submarine which was sunk; the ship had 1,198 passengers and crew. What if all the passengers and crew were all Americans, this would have been a significant loss to America as a nation. This was a tip that if they did not act to counter the force from Germany they were destined for much disaster. Furthermore, remaining neutral would not help to end the war since many Americans were being killed and many more would be killed since Germany had declared war.



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