Free Custom «Vladyslaw Szpilman » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Vladyslaw Szpilman » Essay Paper

Vladyslaw szpilman was at the break of being a concert pianist at the time Germany invaded Germany in the year 1939. At this time he was living with his parents and his siblings in a complex setting in the city of Warsaw. At the time of the first attack he was playing on the radio. Six year latter went radio came back again he was scheduled to play the same nocturne that he was playing when the attack first occurred. Szpilman survived the war through plain luck, a lot of courage help and support from polish friends and a lot of good will from an unknown German officer.

Szpilman wrote this story of loss and horror immediately the war end while his memory was still fresh and clear of the trauma he had been through. This book generally intrigues the modern day reader since it not only includes vlad’s personal story but also some exempts from the diary of the anonymous German officer who protected him in the ruins of Warsaw at the last days of the war. The officer supplied him with food and clothing to shield him from the cold. His account of watching his friends being killed or taken way give the reader a horrific picture of what was happening the town. Staying alive became the key focus of all his endeavors. His family was the selected for resettlement through bad luck he was separated from them. He then went back to the city and his life became a shear endurance race as day of quest for survival changed to months then into years. His narration of being alone and faced with starvation and hypothermia is a really heart breaking.

Although valm’s nightmarish experiences of a typical Jewish ghetto claims the lives of his entire good friend and his entire family Szpilman by himself is depicted as a profoundly and important memoir through living through the war. Through carful hiding, safeness incredible fortune and lots of bravely, he get through this tough time. His ability on the key board is proven to be very indispensable to his shear survival. In addition Szpilman show the presence of indifference among individuals through the officer who rescues him at the near end of the war. The officer is then seen to rejoice when he hears Szpilman play the Chopin nocturne that he played when the first German artillery first exploded in Warsaw.

The more heart breaking part of the book is what is happening in the world today, the plaintive entries hat have been in the Wilm Hosenfeld diary. Assigned to Valm’s home town at the beginning of his career , he was a key witness to all the brought about by the cruelty and much greed by his countrymen. He aches as all this happens with mush anguish, pain and a lot of hatred.

The counter point between the experiences between the polish Jew, vlad’s, and the guild that was experienced Wilm, the German officer, has a high emotional impact o the reader as we contemplate on the recent invasion of Iraq by the united states of America. It basically shows how it is easy to start a war it just requires the a country, particular leader or race to that the homeland is unstable and requires some armed assistance. There is no one that wants to be taken as unpatriotic hence no one will want to be seen pointing fingers and preempting accusation as hollow and not holding water. In addition one also wants to take a hero’s position to be punished for exercising his or her own right to speech. Hitler lead Germany not just in to a war but into a lot of shame and degradation. Vlad and Wilm go an extra mile to show what can be the outcome if people when people allow their leaders trample over the rights of their subjects. Their horrific experience of war is a chilling reminder to all and to the future not to repeat the past.



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