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The Road to War

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The Great Depression that began in 1929 introduced some new political developments. It weakened the democracy of the United States of America together with other European nations. However, in Italy and Germany new developments included the Fascist political parties and institutions such as Nazism, which rose during this period in Germany. This paper will analyze the impact of the world depression on the politics and political institutions of the United States, Italy and Germany.

The United States banks failed following the collapse of New York Stock market making it to lose all the depositors it had. The United States was not alone in this as the banks in Europe failed too, which was accompanied by fall in industrial production and cut of wages and loss of jobs (Dumenil, Brody and Henretta 335). This economic disaster made these countries take a political role to bring these countries back to their feet. The Great Depression made people to have an urge of getting rid of the original system of governance. A good example is the Fascists attacks on Unions of communists in Italy and Germany.  Fascist movements started in Italy but it was Hitler who made it very powerful since he promised the Germans a very quick economic recovery if they were to adopt the policies proposed by his party. Many citizens concurred and Hitler went ahead to promise them extension of their empire, stretching over the entire Europe ensuring that there was very little opposition to his political ambitions.

Similarly, Italy’s world re-known dictator, Mussolini come to power through the Fascist movement. He had attempted to colonize Ethiopia but he failed.  However the United States was not for the opinion of the two countries. The United States did not understand how and why Italy and Germany could rely on such political movements in their search for economic revival. Although the United States just held on to the democratic system of government, there were some political effects (Dumenil, Brody and Henretta,339). It led to the formation of coalition of big city ethnics, African Americans and Southern Democrats. The Great Depression strengthened the federal system of government which brought innovations like child aid, pensions, public housing, minimum wage and subsidized school lunches. The political changes during the depression improved the welfare of the citizens despite some leaders taking advantage of these innocent citizens to cause harm to them.

Buy custom The Road to War essay paper cheap

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