Free Custom «The Reconquista Period » Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Reconquista Period » Essay Paper


The reconquista period was a great duration for the Spanish sovereignty. Muslims and Christian leaders become divided and fought among themselves. This led to life changing conditions for the inhabitants; this also led to the muslins community departing (O'Callaghan 3). A Spanish explorer seeking gold traveled the New Mexico and first Spanish settlement was established on the Rio Grande.

Climate condition

The Spain’s geographical conditions and physical terrain give it a very diverse climatic condition, discounting the mountain climate. The semi-arid conditions, which has dry climate, and adverse life conditions led to the need of having conservation culture. This encouraged the Spanish community to develop cultural values geared to developing water shed natural resource management.

The possibility of conservation was enabled because of the numerous mountain terrains that acted as the water attraction areas. Due to high evaporation rate these shed could control lost of moisture and became agricultural motivation factor. These practices became exemplary to the northern New Mexican residents who have tried to emulate them to conserve their natural resources.

Unity culture

In the Hispanic culture, unity is a vital cultural practice. Society, family, or groups’ requirement take precedence over the wants or needs of an individual. This practice assisted them during the post-Reconquista period to work together to conserve limited water resources. Since most of the Spanish speaking community borders northern New Mexico, their cultural practices have influenced the Mexican to emulate the practices of watershed-based natural resource management. Hispanic culture is being practice in northern New Mexico cause the Spanish who resides there are quite a number. As pioneers of the region they have significant implication to the region.


The environment conservation and Hispanic cultural values have shaped the water conservation practices in northern New Mexico. The reconquista period was a great duration for the Spanish sovereignty and the New Mexico society has greatly benefited from it.



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