Free Custom «The New Deal's Impact on Society» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The New Deal's Impact on Society» Essay Paper

United States of America experienced a great economic depression after 1929, a phenomenon that brought about the utmost panic ever realized in the nation. As a result, the then President Roosevelt pushed for various legislations to be passed by the Congress in order to find a solution to the crisis and revive the industrial as well as agricultural sectors. The National Recovery Administration was established in order to encourage cooperation among various departments and agencies in the government. This article will centre on impacts of the new deal on the American society.

Although the new deal did not initiate radical change, it was successful in enhancing most of the areas of the American society. As far as organized labor is concerned, it led to remarkable increase in union membership (Dumenil, Brody and Henretta, 2002 , p 264). The significant change was even observed among the unskilled workers in the industries. However, employees that were in service industries; they did embrace the idea of joining unions.

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Moreover, the new deal helped the African American citizens and other minorities to survive the economic depression. Nevertheless, little was done to address the issue of racial prejudice and inequity (Dumenil, Brody and Henretta, 2002 , p 234). As a matter of fact, some of the programs in the new deal were found to be biased against African Americans and other minorities in the United States.

As far as women are concerned, the great depression aggravated their positions at work and the economy in general. They used to be paid less than their male counterparts with a considerable high number of them being unemployed (Dumenil, Brody and Henretta, 2002 , p 235). Therefore, the new deal came as a small relief in terms of opportunities for employment of more women. It can thus be said that the most crucial improvements were realized in the organized labor, while women and other minorities were greatly neglected in institutions and industries that did not have unions 


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