Free Custom «The Native Americans» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Native Americans» Essay Paper

The Native Americans are the indigenous persons in United States. It is believed that they travelled during the ice age to Alaska and gradually migrated across the land to Mexico and other areas. They were referred to as Indians. Migration of people from Eurasia to America happened through Beringia which connects to the two continents.

Some of indigenous people were hunter-gatherer and others practiced agriculture and aquaculture. Many societies relied on agriculture while others practiced mixed farming hunting and gathering. Indigenous Americans still occupies many parts of America; some countries such as Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Guatemala. Many people have maintained qualities of indigenous cultural practices to varying ways. These include subsistence practices, religion and social organization.

There has been rise of indigenous movements in the recent years. These are groups which have organized themselves so as to preserve their culture. For example, Organizations like the Coordination of indigenous Organization of the Amazon River Basin and the Indian council of South America. In United States and Canada similar movements have been formed, for example, the International Indian Treaty Council.

Indigenous movements have been recognized internationally with the united nation adopting Declaration on the Rights of indigenous people. The rise to power of Leftist government in Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela and Bolivia where Evo Morales was the first indigenous descendants elected as the president of Bolivia made indigenous movements become more powerful.

In conclusion, the history of indigenous people shows their increasing awareness and urge to seek justice as groups and influential members. As a result it has played a very crucial role in settling contemporary lawsuits regarding Native Americans.



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