Free Custom «The Attack on Pearl Harbor» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Attack on Pearl Harbor» Essay Paper

According to Davenport (88), the attack on the Pearl Harbor took place on 7th of December, 1941 at around 8:00 A.M. by the Japanese forces. The mission of the Japanese forces was to strike a stultifying blow to the military forces of the United States stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The attack of the Pearly Harbor started due to the plan of Japanese leaders to seize the Dutch East Indies’ rich oil fields, as they thought a pre-emptive assault on the American Military was a necessity to prevent the interference of America in their invasion plans. So as to achieve what they anticipated as a knockout blow, the Japanese forces projected attacks on the United States forces in Guam, Wake Island, the Philippines, and at the Pearl Harbor where the United States Navy ships were stationed. The United States interfered with the brutal that Japan was waging against China (Davenport 28).

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For several years tensions between Japan and the United States had been intensifying over America’s unhappiness at the harsh war that Japan was waging against China. During this time, the United States assisted the Chinese morally including the advice on tin, scrap metals, and oil to Japan’s industry. Because of the opposition of America to their brutal war in China, the Japanese leaders made an assumption that the United States would go against their assaults on the Dutch. The United States forces were stationed in the Philippines and had a naval base at the Pearl Harbor. Therefore, Japan decided to start her war with stultifying blow at Pearl Harbor, which was followed by severe attacks on the United States forces in the Philippines (Davenport 72).

The surprise attack on the Pearl Harbor resulted into the damage and of sinking 21 powerful battle ships, but fortunately the United States aircraft carriers remained safe because they were absent that day. United States Navy was not crippled in spite of the destructions it experienced due to the surprise attack by the Japanese. The attack on Pearl Harbor consequently made America tremendously angry and shock which therefore resulted into the Pacific War part of World War II between Japan and the United States that lasted for four years. The attack was therefore significant because of its contribution to the World War II, and this was big difference it caused by uniting a divided nation (Davenport 88).


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