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The 1812 War in America

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The 1812 war in America often recalls the events of the Second World War, and thus dabbed by many Americans as “America’s Second World War”. This paper gives a brief detail about the war. It begins by talking about some of the countries that got involved in the war, and gives a brief about its effects back in their motherland.

Countries like Great Britain were not as affected as countries like the USA and Canada. The impact of war on these countries spread across all the sectors of the countries, making entire changes to the decision-making and implementation of government ideas in these countries. Great Britain on the other hand saw the war as a small burden, since it was busy fighting other countries, including France.   

The paper gives some of the militia, economic and political effects of this war on America. The military had to reform the leadership of its navy, by enforcing new commanders in the ranks to oversee some of the posts. They undertook new technological measures that reinforced the military capabilities. Economically, the manufacturers who once concentrated on making war equipment directed their attention into other economically benefiting areas, and thus the local agricultural and manufacturing industry escalated.

The political landscape in the country immensely changed. There was the enactment of new laws that would foster the growth of nationalism and national pride. The Republican Party tirelessly worked on a law that is still running on people’s minds. The Americans were able to do away with their full dependence on Europe, making themselves an entirely independent State.

Buy custom The 1812 War in America essay paper cheap

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