Free Custom «Ronald Wilson Reagan» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Ronald Wilson Reagan» Essay Paper

Ronald Wilson Reagan remains one of the most influential and development conscious leader in the 20th century America. His political good will stands apart from other Presidents of America. The economic problems that rocked America in his regime were dealt with diligently and ultimately managed to set America on the right path towards sustainable development. His people centered mode of leadership has continued to impress many leaders of the world even in the 21st century while Americans, young and old, continue exalting his name for his selfless governance.

Ronald Reagan was born to Nellie and John Reagan in 1911 in Illinois to lead a life of honesty, hard work, patriotism and generosity. A life whose unique qualities and legacy have made me regard him as an all time hero and ultimately my role model. Reagan was adequately read. He joined Eureka College to study economics and sociology after successfully completing his high school in Dixon. At this age, Reagan had already started showcasing his multitalented character whose contribution to the advancement of American nation people can never be taken for granted. In 1937 he won a contract in Hollywood after a successful screen test and eventually acted in over 52 masterful films.

Reagan was dedicated to whatever activity he participated. He, as (Hubler, 180) will put it, ‘played many suave screen villains and played them so smoothly that a lot of people could not believe that a person alive could’. He rose to become a key figure in the film industry and ultimately got all the fame and adoration that comes with such honor. Unlike many film stars, Reagan never got drank by the fame and instead, took advantage of the situation to help the American people. His career, as says (Kenneth, 7), prepared him for the biggest role of his life—the president of the United States of America.

Just like many heroes, Reagan felt indebted to the society he lived. He felt there was something he had to do, not for his individual good but for the world. Taking film industry as his springboard, the already elected president of the Screen Actors Guild and a father of two went public as a television host propagating his communistic political views: political views that had their base on his great leadership skills. He was elected the Governor of California beating his closest opponent with well over a million votes. His first term was characterized by hard work, accountability, transparency and political good will-- and he was rewarded with a second term.

In the wake of 1980s, America was trouble-laden: inflation, the confinement of Americans in Iran, failed health policy, insecurity just to mention but a few. America needed a punctual and informed survivor. Only one man could do it: Ronald Reagan. He won the Republican Presidential nomination in 1980 and subsequently triumphed over Jimmy Carter after garnering over 487 electoral votes. He was barely 70 days old in office when he faced the greatest test of his life: an attempted assassination. Being the hero that he was (and still is in me) Reagan recovered and returned to work. A coward, you will agree, would have taken the obvious decision: to quit. His diligence and power of mind after this encounter greatly amazed the American people and undoubtedly, the generations that have followed.

The rise of the popular culture that set in in around 1980’s in form of changing music genres, movies and other forms of entertainment had potential negative effects on the American people. It was therefore the duty of the government to ensure that rights and freedoms of individuals did not perpetuate erosion of culture. Reagan’s informed leadership influenced the congress and other non-governmental organizations in ensuring that laws were enacted that ensured that adequate gatekeeping was done on popular culture and its impending dangers. The music industry poses a great threat on the lives of the youth (who are expected to safeguard a culture) and it is the duty of the government on the day to ensure that what its youth consumes in terms of entertainment. Reagan, having spent meaningful time in the entertainment sector, was able to regulate this and hence ensure that the American culture remained on course.

With his rare relevant skills, Ronald Reagan was able to deal with congress and brought forth economic growth, increased meaningful employment, enhanced national cohesion and above all instilled the spirit in the American people that they could (and still can) achieve their dreams without solely relying on government. His good leadership and honesty rejuvenated the American spirit of hard work that won him yet another term. His exceptional political leadership scared his Democratic challengers. His leadership was mindful of the low income Americans in the manner in which taxes were exempted by the overhaul of the taxation code.

Reagan understood the socio-economic base of many Americans which informed his much celebrated manner of policy generation and shaping of 1980’s American public service sector. Though many of the policies implemented in his leadership are still operational in the modern America, it is believed that America would be far ahead under his leadership. But being a mortal, he only played his part and played it perfectly in making not only America better but the entire world are conducive environment in live in.

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To conclude, there is more that can be said of Ronald Reagan that prove him the American hero of the 20th century. His contributions to the development of America and the culture will continue to form subjects in many history books. He was a man of limited breadth and skill who, unarguably, was the most effective president and leader of postwar, United States of America, (Reeves, 8). He remains an all time hero and an oasis of inspiration to many Americans both living and to be born. His heroic achievements are the foundation of America and his importance, in this regard, can never be overemphasized.



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