Free Custom «Rome City» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Rome City» Essay Paper


To Christians, Rome will be likened to the Holy City, having been the place where the first shepherd of the Christian Church, Peter was put to death. But why is Rome so much important in the history of the world? Many will agree that it was from Rome that the Christian community received their governing as far as the Church doctrines and history is concerned. Rome is the capital city of the Roman Catholic Church since it is the official city that houses the smaller kingdom of the Vatican where the pope lives.

Rome City

Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus in 753 BC. Several developments started cropping up in Rome since its foundation which resulted to it being referred to as the Roman Empire; this was after it became a republic. During the Roman period of leadership, Rome was the Eternal City which signified its role as centre of world history. Statistics released in 2001 states that Rome is inhabited with more than 2 million people and is the biggest as well as the most populous city in present day Italy (BBC, 2011). It is situated in the middle of the Italian peninsula and can easily be accessed by people within and out of Italy.

Air services that operate internationally pass through the Fiumicino airport in Rome and the form of transport from one area to the other is effectively improved. The rest of Europe can connect easily to mainland Rome through the use of the railway line as well by the Euro star train. AS stated above, Rome is well served with a chain of transport link while the climate is characterized as being temperate where hot summers and breezy winters are recorded.

History of Rome

Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus in 753 BC. The defeat of the franks in 754 witnessed the beginning of temporal power by the popes. The crowning of Charlemagne, as both Emperor and Augustus marked the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire. The City of Rome realized several challenges as a result of being under the leadership of the Church. However, several changes were to be recorded in Rome as a result of the Renaissance and the Baroque periods which are very significant in the history of art (About Roma). The breach of Porta Pia was the event that marked the end of Papal State and their rule where a certain rebellion restored Rome as the capital of Italy as well as the seat of the Italian government

Art and Culture

The great past of the city of Rome can be associated with an exceptional artistic patrimony. The era of Papal States witnessed some artists who gave the city a Papal look as a result of their dominance and power. The palaces, villas and fountains have a bearing on the works of Bernini and Borromini who were architects. Rome remains a significant place in the history of art as it contains some of the richest collection of books as well as the storage of several works of art in the city and at the Vatican (The City of Roma, 2011).

The Economy

Rome remains the administrative centre of the Italian government. Most artists term Rome as an important artistic country when art is mentioned. Rome is also a tourist’s attraction centre and several pilgrims make inroads to visit the Vatican and the art gallery collection in the city. The constitutional court, international organizations like the FAO among others is situated in the City of Rome (BBC, 2011). There are several events that are usually held in Rome including the Festival of the 1st May as well as summer season of the Opera. Rome has also been the centre of several great popes, emperors and poets with popular emperors like Julius Cesar and Augustus.


Rome City remains a very historic town in the history of the world. For instance, the great period art has an association with the Renaissance and Baroque periods which trace their origin from the City of Rome. The City remains a tourist attraction venture where some of the great thinkers and minds were born and raised. Rome is also the capital city of Italy. 



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