Free Custom «Relationship between Anthony and Cleopatra» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Relationship between Anthony and Cleopatra» Essay Paper

Plutarch views Cleopatra as a very manipulative woman, who would use whatever she has to get what she wants. He views her as very seductive and shows the way she is so talented in sustaining and even broadening her power. The relationship between her and Antony is one that depicts how she uses her attraction and sex to gain his attention. She is able to smash the once great Roman leader’s masculinity. Plutarch also tells us in his writing that Cleopatra is obviously undermining Anthony in order to have him seek for her further approval. He also views Cleopatra as having the ability to influence people to do her will since she is also a great leader, whereas, Anthony humbly follows her instructions to accomplish her wishes.

From the way Plutarch has written, we see that it was not that easy for Antony to convince Cleopatra to go to Rome, as she always wanted to be the one instructing and making decisions for everyone. Although she eventually agreed, she took control of almost all decisions as soon as she got to Antony’s territory. This starts when she arrives and Antony sees her and falls under her spell there and then. It is clear that, Antony is lured easily like a boy in play, and is destructed from using the valuable time he has to do important things. Instead, she persuades him to go have good expensive moments with her, according to Plutarch’s views.

Plutarch views Cleopatra as someone who has so much faith in her attractions. In some parts of these views, we see that at one point both Cleopatra and Anthony had self-interests. Cleopatra wanted the coalition to recover the old frontiers of the Plolemaic territory and to protect her line. On the other hand, Anthony was to use Cleopatra in his proposition for power in Rome. At that time in Rome, the author tells us that Antony was portrayed as a man totally under the charm or spell of dirty temptress, who had coerced big portions of the territory from him, causing him to have a bad relationship with Rome.

Plutarch says the historians proposed that his failure to expedite in Pathia, he fully came under Cleopatra’s authority because she had a lot of influence on him. This affected his fate in a great way; and everyone in Rome denied him support loyalty of most of those who worked with and under him. It was not possible then to make strategic decisions alone.

Other suggestions have come up that Cleopatra could have been trying to use Antony the same way he was used by the Parthians. Cleopatra’s initial plan was to benefit by using Antony and turning him against the Romans. According the Plutarch, the whole relationship between the two people was meant to destroy Antony. Even though he gives positive description of the two, when they committed suicide to avoid being capture alive, he generally believes that Antony gained nothing at all from the relationship, but he instead lost everything because of Cleopatra and her great ambitions.

It is likely to verify that, Cleopatra is a woman capable of great leadership and has the ability to control and manipulate people to do as she wishes, according to Plutarch’s view. He also views Antony as a man who becomes so submissive to her in order for him to win her love and gain her approval. As he views Cleopatra as a cunning and manipulative person who will do what it takes to achieve her goals, he sees Antony as a man who would give his life for love.



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