Free Custom «Persia » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Persia » Essay Paper

The language of Persia is Farsi. The neighboring countries that speak Farsi are Afghanistan, Tajikistan and in parts of Uzbekistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan Pakistan, and Turkey. The name of Persia today is Iran. It changed the name because of the request by the Reza Shah’s Government to all foreign delegates to use “Iran” instead of Persia in 1935. The population of Iran today is about 76,923,300. The Kings and Governors of the Persian Empire were called satraps. The founder of the first Persian Empire in 550 BCE was Cyrus the Great (Cyrus II of Persia). The Balkan people are found in Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe stretching from the centre of Bulgaria into eastern Serbia. Balkan means a chain of wooded mountains. The Ottoman Rule lasted 623 years (1299 – 1923).

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The Battle of Kosovo was a war fought on June 15th, 1389 (commonly called St Vitus' Day) between the Serbian army and the attacking soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. The Serbian forces were under the leadership of the Serbian Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovi%u0107 while Sultan Murad I commanded the Ottoman Empire army. The Battle of Kosovo was an important symbol of Serbian patriotism; it led to aspiration for self-rule and increase of independence under Ottoman rule. Bayezid I was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, from 1389 to 1402. He ascended to power after the death of his father Murad I, who was killed by Serbian nobleman in the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, by which Serbia became a vassal of the Ottoman Empire.

Immediately after obtaining the throne, he had his younger brother strangled to avoid a plot. In 1390, Bayezid took as a wife Princess Olivera Despina, the daughter of Prince Lazar of Serbia, who also lost his life in Kosovo. Achievements of Mehmet II were that he reorganized the Ottoman government and codified the criminal law and the laws relating to his subjects in one code. The Jannisaries were elite corps in the service of the Ottoman Empire composed of war captives and Christian youths pressed into service; The Janissaries gained great power in the Ottoman Empire and made and unmade sultans.


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