Free Custom «Most Significant Events» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Most Significant Events» Essay Paper


Since the  end of the world war a lot of  events  have  happened  which  in this  case  have  proved  to be very critical  in the  revolution of America. This  essay  aims  at  discussing such  events which  are  important  to  each  and  every  period  ranging from 1950  to 1990s. Of essence are social, political and even economic events.

Face of the Race

The sole purpose of forming Congress of Racial Equity was mainly to stop the separation of particular race. CORE was initially established in the year 1942 and primary started to complain for rights of African Americans (Ruggiero, 2002). Of essence  to  this  group  was  to  raise  awareness  among  the African Americans  regarding  their  rights  as  well as suppressing  the racial  issues  against  them. Another  objective that  the  group  aimed  to  achieve,  is  the promotion  of  equality  among  all the  communities whether black  or  white. It is worth noting that this venture was not easy for those who established it.

The challenges   emerged  especially when the Africans Americans soldiers  were  separated  from the rest  of  the  soldiers  during the  second  world  war  as  well  as  being under estimated  by their white soldiers counterparts. This prompted them to fight much more for their rights as equal citizens of America. The other challenge that  faced   the  black soldiers  is that despite  the  fact that  some  of them managed to achieve or rather attain high  ranks  in the  military is was impossible for them to be awarded  the  honor’s Congressional Medal (Harold,1960). All along in the 40s, the actions of black soldiers in America reinforced them later in fifties when more emphasis was in installing equality as well as abolishing racism.

In  1950, sense started  coming  into what the  group was aiming for  since  more  black  and  white  Americans saw  the  importance  of  consolidating  their  efforts  to  come  up  with  state which  would  be free from  racism(Takaki,1993). Among those who spearheaded such events were Dr. Martin Ruther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

European Recovery Program, ERP (1948-1951)

The  European  recovery  plan  is  also  known  as  the Marshal  plan which is one  of  the  most  important  events  in history  of America  and  happened between  1948  to  1951.Up  to  this far,  it  is usually considered  as the  large scale program  related  to the economic recovery. This undertaking was renamed after a man by the name George Marshall who was the Secretary of state by then (Gimbel, 1976). The primary purpose was to build a foundation for the economy of Europe. Another objective was to ensure that after the II world war, the communist were repelled completely.

The meeting held in July 1947 which several European countries had attended is the one that established the initial plan. Though they did not accept it, the European recovery plan offered a similar assistance to the USSR as well as its partners. The  reason why  the  offer  was  rejected  is  the  fact that they were  afraid  that they  would  be  asked to  transform to capitalism. For a  period of  four  years  that  followed, $13 billion was  offered  as  an initiative  to  ensure  the  recovery of  the economy of the countries which  had  joined  the European  recovery  plan organization. It is worth noting that the countries with were offered assistance were mainly European countries.

This  resulted in  substantial  growth  of  all  the  economies  of the  countries  which  were  taking part   in this  initiative  apart  from Germany. The  next  two  decades  saw  the  growth  of  those  economies  growing even more  than the  levels  they were at  before  the  war. This plan was seen as being a key element in the event of European integration (Mann, 2005). Reason being that, it served to abolish the tariffs that existed before the war. Institutions meant to synchronize economy were also set up.

Cold War

Cold war sets yet another important mark in the history. This event dominated America in the 1950s.This was when the leaders of America established the Personality of the America. It was through the expression of the concept of the weapon that civilization was destroyed as well as the leaders of the military convincing the generation from America that the superiority of the weapons was the key responsibility of the government (Gaddis, 2005). The resulting arms race with the Soviet Union brought about the consequences extending  into  suburban neighborhood,  schoolrooms and  at the  same  time America  had  developed  some  anxiety related to  the  intruding enemy  that  sought  to  spy on the initiative approached hysteria as well as undermining government.

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End of the cold war

It  is  important  to  note  that   most  of  the   key  political  events  do  not  just  happen instantly,  but  rather they do happen as a result of  a long  process. Millitary competition as well as the ideology of the cold war can  be  traced  to  have commenced   in the  year  1945which  is  the  aftermath  of  the  world  war II (Grogin, 2001). During this period  the  Soviet  union  had already made an effort of  driving out of  the  country, the Nazis,  back  in  Germany  as well as  across Eastern  Europe. It  is  after the war that the Soviets saw it  necessary for creating friendly government  in nations  based  in Eastern  European which  at that  time were occupied  by its  forces (Acton, 1995). On  top  of  this,  other  governments  were  destabilized forming  a soviet  empire that spanned Asia,  Europe and  pacific ocean all the way from the west Germany.

The downfall of the USSR

The termination of the Soviet Union was a course of disintegration which happed in the political, social and also in the economy structure. This resulted in the termination of  the  union center  paving a  way  to  the USSR’s  independence  in the 1991 (Grogin, 2001).This  course  resulted  in the  deteriorating  of  the  soviet government follow-on by the  disintegration which took place  starting from 1990  to  1991.Many  of the republics  of the Soviet Union  ended  up  becoming  independent as  well as  being  renowned as  sovereign nation-states (Turner, 1987).

It is worth noting that the key elements of the soviet system of politics were dominated by the communists, state socialism, ethnic federalism as well as the soviet hierarchy. The unforeseen effects that were produced by the Gorbachev’s program resulted in bringing the whole system down. To revive the soviet state, there was an attempt of establishing a coalition of leaders who supported reforms and created new ground of powers (Gaidar, 2007). The reason why such  measures were being  implemented  is  that  there  were  needs  of  resolving severe  problems  related  to  political as well as economic problems that endangered Soviet Union being  held  back  in  stagnation for  a  long  period  of  time.

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Gorbachev again made it promising for the orthodox communist, nationalists as well as populist forces in opposing his efforts to ease up as well as revive soviet communism by use of structural reforms hence widening the chances for the leaders as well as the renowned association in the union republics.

There was a time that  it  emerged  that  some association wanted  independence of the national  republics where as other wanted  or rather  demanded  for  the  restoration of  old  solvent ways. This  confusion  led  to  Gorbachev  having  no  other  option other  than ending the  soviet Union.


The changes that will happen in the U.S mostly will depend on the leaders and government in particular will handle the changes or the significant events which have already.  First, due  to  elimination of  the  racism  more African  Americans will  be  given chances to  hold  high  profile offices as well  and  take prominent positions in leadership based on their merits. As far  as social economic is concerned, there has been  peaceful  coexistence of  people all  over  the  world  and this is expected to continue to an extent that  more and more investors will invest  in  US. U.S, as a result of its ideology as well as political stability it will have chances of trading and getting market for its products internationally.



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