Free Custom «Medieval Times» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Medieval Times» Essay Paper


Also known as the middle age, the medieval period lasted between the fifth and fifteenth centuries. This period marked the time of considerable changes in Western Europe. This paper describes the people, religions, wars and the things that people held dear in the medieval age. It also looks at the changes since the Greeks and Romans came around.


The medieval period began with the fall of the Roman Empire to the invasion of German tribes. Because of the fall of the Roman Empire, the Western Europe broke into several kingdoms. The Roman Catholic acted as the main religion during the medieval times. The pope headed the Roman Catholic churches. The church formed the seat of learning during the period. Islam had also started spreading but not as much as the Roman Catholic Church (Humphrey and Ormrod 1).

During the medieval time, wars formed a way of life in medieval Europe. The wars developed out of military traditions and practices displayed by German tribes. The main wars involved the Romans and Germans. The Romans had an organized army that often won the battle between them and the Germans who had a large army but disorganized. Other wars involved the English and French wars, for instance, the Edwardian war, Lancastrian war, Caroline war and English fortunes. The people valued power. People still led a barbaric life marked by depopulation and lack of urbanization. Agriculture formed their main economic activity (Osborne 254).

Several changes have happened since the Greeks and Romans came around. Greek emigrants have assimilated to different societies across the world. Today most Greeks and Romans live in the modern state Greece. Unlike the medieval period where wars solved differences, today wars have reduced and invasions do not exist. Romans and Greeks have become open-minded.

However, the Greek and roman art still exists up to today. The Romans and Greeks still. Many of the legal and legislative structures of Rome exist throughout Europe today. The Latin language has influenced language in many parts of Europe and other parts of the world.


The medieval time marked many changes in Western Europe. The period experienced wars and changes in the system of governance and life, as a whole. Today, the world still has some aspects of the Greek and roman influences, such as art and language.



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