Free Custom «Marx Paper» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marx Paper» Essay Paper


According to Marx, the communist manifesto, the revolutionaries drive history. History is made up of a working out the rationale in the world. The interaction of people to the modes of production gives a perspective the history is to take. In the social invention of their reality, human inevitably go into relations that are independent of their determination, this is referred to as associations of production suitable for a given phase in the growth of their material energies of production. The entirety of these relationships of production comprises the economic arrangement of society, the real establishment, on which arises a political and legal super organization, and to which correspond exact forms of communal consciousness.

The mean of production of material life circumstances the general procedure of political, social, and intellectual life. This form the analysis of history drives that cause changes according to Marx. The consciousness of men decides their continuation; however, their social existence determines their mental state. Historical change arises out of contradiction and conflict; at a stage of growth, the material fruitful forces of community get into conflict with the existing associations of production (Marx). This is same in the legal terms where the property relations within the framework they have operated are considered. The relationships turn into fetters due to the forms of development of the creative forces. The transformation of the superstructure is formed due to changes in the economic foundation. This is the beginning of social revolution.

Understanding history involves analyzing the psychological or sociology and economics. This is where history is headed according to Marx. Transformations study requires distinguishing between material changes of economic conditions of making that is determined by natural science, and the political, religious, legal, philosophic, or artistic settings. This becomes the ideology modes in which human get conscious of this war and fights it out. As man never judge one another because of their opinion so we cannot judge transformation by it perception, but this consciousness must be analyzed from the challenges of material life from the war existing between social challenges of production and associations of production. History challenges must be met through the revolutions trend of the society and world. Economics cannot be neglected when history journey is considered because the productive forces must be exhausted before a social order is ever destroyed. Economically no new superior, relations of production replace the older before material circumstances for their reality matured within the outline of the existing society.

Marx considers the new history as the one with capitalism, since it is the latest in terms of the systems evolutions. He argues that capitalism is ready for transformation into socialism. He compares the current bourgeois forms of production with ancient feudal, and concludes that they may be chosen as epochs marking growth in the economic maturity of society. Sense of social antagonism is created as opposed to individual rivalry. The production of forces making bourgeois society creates material conditions to give a solution to this form of rivalry. According to Marx, the social formation of history closes prehistory of human society. Marx analyses consciousness of the community and develop a theory of a society, which will be influential throughout the history. He uses the ideas of the philosophers to develop his concept and analyze a society that can exist for to paint a different history.


The selective nature of writing used by Marx makes his work prevalent to date. He uses different ideologies to come up with a society, which could leave a legacy at any moment of existence. They analyses various possibilities, which drive historical change, the transformation of history, and forces, which cause changes in history path.



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