Free Custom «Julius Caesar» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Julius Caesar» Essay Paper

Julius Caesar is one of the leaders that left a great impact not just to the Roman republic but to the entire Europe at large. By studying and understanding his historical accounts and achievement, it is crystal clear that Julius Caesar was definitely a sound and viable leader of the troubled Roman republic. Most historians agree that Julius greatly influenced the future of humanity for a period of around two millennia. Julius Caesar was tactfully involved in saving the Republic; at the end of the day he paid with his life as the price.

Looking at Rome and what happened during the time, it is clear that it was indeed a stratified society, characterized by love and greed for self wealth and power. The Romans passed and enacted a lot of laws but justice more often than was served only to the biggest briber. However Caesar did his best to change this, these ‘ideals’ and beliefs held by the Romans for the well-being of the Republic. This was shown by his long-lived desire and passion to conquer and enlarge the Roman territory.

Caesar’s brilliance cannot be compared with any other leader in the earlier history of the empire. Having been assigned to the Transalpine Gaul and Cisalphine provinces, he tactfully responded to German and Gaulish raids by forming a private army called ‘new legions’. He took the risk of spearheading a campaign that expanded the Empire of Rome from the Biscay Bay all the way to the English Channel. This achievement was far from been realized by any other leader of the Roman Empire. Consequently his leadership competence and success was conspicuous.

According to most available historic evidences, it is notable that Caesar was an astute politician, brilliant and also shrewd (Daniel, 2007). He was also well known for his ability to use cold but hard political calculations as a way of achieving ultimate power in his Roman empire.

The assassination of Caesar still raises more questions and concerns. One of them is was it justified by any means for the conspirators to bring an end the life of a great transformer. There were several reasons why the conspirators decided to assassinate Caesar. One of them was probably to please of people who were not content by the dictatorship way of ruling which was evident contradiction of ideals of the Roman Republic. The others were disappointments by the way Caesar was showing disrespect to constitutional traditions and institutions. As a result majority of the conspirators were a special mixture of conservatives who were affronted or soldiers who had been disappointed soldiers (Thompson, 2008).

All the above reasons might be valid points for organizing the assassination. But compared to what Caesar had done, it is not an adequate justification of the act (Thompson, 2008). Julius Caesar had transformed the nature of the Roman Empire: he cleaned the old, corrupt system of the late Roman Republic and presented good examples to be emulated by the future Roman Emperors, and also influenced future political foundations in the whole of Europe.

I strongly believe that the conspirators were acting out of their selfish gains and not the well being of the society. This is supported by the fact that the assassins did not have a solution for challenges and problems faced by the republic (Daniel, 2007). Even after their mission was accomplished they could not take care of the security of their own people. Although there was proclamation of restoration of the Republic but still Caesar laws were most acknowledged and practiced. There was minimum effect of change of the leadership. With time the public was aware and they began reacting and hence had to search refuge for their salvation.



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