Free Custom «International Peace» Essay Paper

Free Custom «International Peace» Essay Paper

The American led military incursion on Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade up to date has elicited a lot of misleading speculations as to the intent of the American government. There are some concerns about the war waged by the troops of the United States and her allies on the Arab nations that are more of speculations which should not be ignored till hard evidence on such is gained. Observers have pointed out that the war which the United States purports to be on terror is motivated by a number of vested interests like: the quest for super power entitlement, desire to get access to oil, and hatred of the American people towards Muslims and Islam, especially in post 9/11 era. The U.S. has been accused of trying to reinforce its super powers by ensuring other nations do not come in to possession of weapons of mass destruction. Some people argue that the U.S. attacks on Iraq occurred since it were threatened by Iraq’s production of weapons of mass destruction. The speculations that the U.S. attacked Iraq to secure access to oil are also commonly cited by Iraq’s sympathizers. Another speculation, which clearly is unfair to the American people, is that the attacks were out of the hatred harbored against Muslims. These unconfirmed statements should not be let to dampen the military campaigns the United States started in the two nations with view of restoring democracy and fighting terrorist cells. One way for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan can learn to appreciate the role the United States is playing is by considering the improvement the war has brought to them as common people. They should shun propaganda which is a very useful tool in the realm of cunning leaders who would like to maintain the status quo.

On the flip side of the Operation Enduring Freedom against Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom against Iraq, the American and allied troops have been accused of committing atrocities against civilians. To resolve this, the troops should avoid hitting civilian targets in accordance with the international humanitarian law stipulations on warfare. It is noted that indiscriminate attacks on civilian populations have occurred, with millions of civilians being targeted during wars whereby they suffer loss of property, disruption, displacement and disease. The troops should not target amenities such as water supply systems or power supply lines. More importantly, they should not strike suspected terrorist locations, if they happen to be located amidst innocent civilians. The troops should only target military objectives.

The economic consequences of the war can be ameliorated through concerted rebuilding efforts under the transitional governments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Commodity prices will normalize once peace is restored in the nations. Economic plans in the new nations should prioritize restoration of infrastructure which forms the backbone of economical recovery. The security threats that have arisen in the aftermath of the attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, that is, increase of terror acts against the allies and piracy. These are both criminal activities which should not distract the noble cause of restoring sanity to the two countries. These security threats can be addressed by increasing surveillance on the interests of the western nations and provision of security for ships plying the pirate invested horn of Africa Indian Ocean region.

The military campaigns in both Iraq and Afghanistan were meant to: reverse the trend of rule under totalitarianism, install democratic governments, improve levels of governance, and restore respect of human rights and rule of law. The Iraq government was under the dictatorial reign of Saddam Hussein who punished his political rivals using very brutal methods like biological weapons. On the Afghanistan side, the Taliban had established a very repressive government where the people were ruled by strict Islamic laws and political rivals were not tolerated. The Taliban were also accused of harboring the international terrorism mastermind, Osama Bin Laden. True to their mission, the troops managed to depose the Saddam and Taliban rule in Iraq and Afghanistan respectively. The war has not escaped the speculations that the United States was showing its military muscle to ensure it remained as the sole superpower.

The problems raised by the former regimes are not yet over since they have supporters among the population. The extremist tendencies of the supporters of the deposed Saddam and Taliban regimes makes them to desperately try to fight the U.S. troops. The resolution to this would be establishment of democratic governments in both countries. The former supporters of the deposed governments should be offered a chance to participate in government hence they will be able to have an alternative route to make their contributions to government without resorting to terrorism. The incipient democracies in both countries need to be well nurtured with the input of the opposition being respected. It has been observed that sectarian politics in Iraq have particularly frustrated the quest for a united national government. It must be understood that the tribes or sections of society which had been suppressed by the despotic regimes might feel justified to take revenge on those who benefited under the same regimes.

Humanitarian agencies have also a role to play in the establishment of vibrant democracies in the countries through offering support to all sections of the society without discrimination. The establishment of strong economic base for all sections of the society through the work of humanitarian agencies would boost their satisfaction with the governments. The humanitarian groups can also play the role of checking on the activities of the government and sound alarm bells where inequality is witnessed.

The world is not at ease with the proliferation of nuclear weapons among “rogue” nations such as Iran and North Korea. Iran has emerged as a power to reckon with, after the radical political establishments in Iraq and Afghanistan were replaced with democratic governance, and it now has acquired nuclear energy. Iran has been defiant about her planned nuclear enrichment plans just like North Korea. Diplomacy should be applied to resolve the case facing both countries. Pursuing an abrasive military campaign such as the one witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan would be catastrophic since the two nations are well organized and have all it takes to engage their rivals in catastrophic war. It has to be remembered that nuclear war is too bad for the world today given the intensity of the effects.

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The resolutions to the threat these nations pose to the world can be achieved if the tensions that exist between these nations and their traditional enemies are reduced amicably. It has been observed that Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions have been fired by its opposition to the nation of Israel. Similarly, North Korea holds on to its nuclear weapons due to its enmity to South Korea. Both nations have grudges against the western nations as well as they prefer to hold on to totalitarianism which is opposed by the West. These countries adhere to rather eccentric philosophies such as annihilation of their enemies therefore close espionage measures should be carried out on them as negotiations to make them back down continue. It is encouraging that every challenge arising from nations with totalitarian regimes and which threaten the world can be handled in one way or another.



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