Free Custom «Freedom» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Freedom» Essay Paper

Freedom in the first case is in reference to the autonomous choice of a person to live and do whatever they please. In the case of the slave from Virginia, James Somerset who managed to escape from the confines of his master and run away. The master, Charles then led a manhunt for him and ordered that James be found and arrested before being returned to him. The slave had every right to flee his colonial masters bondage and seek his own way of life outside of the confines of the masters land or plantation since it was clear that everyone was aware of the law that said that a prisoner was free once he managed to escape and set his feet in the free land. The master could not hear of this and as such looked allover to find and get his slave back, if not to return him to his farm then he would rather have seen him arrested and thrown in jail. Freedom in this content refers to the fundamental human right to have their own personal ability to make judgment and personal choices.

During the era of slavery, the slaves had no rights and their slaves dictated entirely how they were going to live and what they were to do. All they had to do to remain alive without beatings and torture was for the slaves involved to listen to the orders from their masters and follow them to the latter. The master went as far as following his slave outside of the confines of his work area whether it was in a household or on a large plantation as was the typical cases then. James in this incident was saved when he went to the harbor and found some people there who listened and sympathized with his predicament thus asked the master to allow him to go free since he had managed to break away from the masters hold. The former slave was thus free, that is the first form of freedom which all human beings in this world today has and which we all fight to allow all the other people oppressed in modern slavery to enjoy. Man is on this earth to make their own choices whichever way they choose and nobody should be allowed to take over another human right to be free.

Man should be allowed to enjoy his freedom of choosing what is right and wrong and to make this decision for them. Slavery was and still is a very cruel way of de humanizing people. Slaves did not have any rights as this had been taken over by the master who bought them. Slaves were supposed to work indefinitely for their masters who also had the right to instill any kind of punishment on the slaves. There are many documented cases where people were beaten so severely that they broke some of their limbs while others even succumbed to the injuries that were constantly inflicted in them. If a man looks at you and feels that you have wronged him in one way or another it is up to the two parties to look for a compromising way to deal with the situation to ensure that none of the two parties inflicted any harm on the other but instead a solution was reached amicably.

In the case of the slaves and their masters, the masters took advantage of the fact that the slaves basically belonged to them since they had paid for them thus had acquired them. This meant that the slaves were subjected to many forms of torture in the hands of their masters and there was nothing they could do and there also was no one there to hear their cries. The slave masters had completely taken away the freedom of the slaves to air their discontent in the way they were treated. Slaves were not allowed to speak out or hold gatherings to air their grievances. Everyone has the freedom to speak and be heard and even in the toughest of situations no one should be denied a chance to speak out their ideas or complaints if at all it affects other people or if other people will have a say in what they have to speak about. In the earlier case of the escaped slave, it was pretty much obvious to everyone that the law allowed a slave to earn his freedom once he managed to escape the captivity of their master but the master in this case took it for granted that he could still do whatever he wanted and went after the poor slave.

Had the slave not managed to air his grievances to the British abolitionist who then went ahead and organized for a public hearing to be setup to listen to the slave's case, then the slave would have been wrongfully captured and taken away to God knows where on Captain Knowle's boat headed for Jamaica. Even today criminals who hurt the public and break the law no matter in what way or how many times over, they are allowed the freedom to express themselves before any action can be taken against them. It is important to give each and everyone a chance to speak out their hearts and just for other people to listen. A lot of information is passed down from generation to generation that helps us in our daily lives and of importance is the fact that the great thinkers were given the freedom to express their ideas and as such even others get to hear of the bright ideas and even go on to improve on them for the overall good of all humans. When the basic freedoms of a person are taken away, they tend to be left feeling worthless and tie themselves up in the vice that is self pity. In the case of slaves who had to watch as all their freedoms were taken from them, a loathing brews in their hearts and this is passed on generation to generation.

Slavery and segregation of the blacks from the superior whites ended many decades ago in America but the scars that were left behind still haunts this great country to date. If for instance a black student or person is shot in the street today by runway gangs it is almost obvious that the police response will have to be very swift in order to redeem the force from the severe abomination it will get from the black public. The black people will go on to compare and say it out in the public that the police were sluggish in the investigation just because it was a black kid shot, and had it been a white person shot, the black community will still say that the police acted swiftly just because the crime was against a white person. It only goes to show that the segregation and feeling of unworthiness that comes with the stripping of peoples freedoms does not go away and even generations later will still look at the perpetrators of this crime as potential threats decades later.

Human beings look for power in many ways, political power and also financial power is bound to keep a person ahead of the others in terms of how he feels and self confidence. The slave masters were full of themselves and even carried with them the feeling of being semi-gods knowing that they controlled other people in the way that they controlled the slaves. It is an abomination to take away all the rights of another human being but it is not only bad for the person whose freedom has been stolen but also for the person who takes away that freedom. It gives people too much power of which they can use to manipulate and control other people with the total disregard to the freedom rights of others and without taking into account the amount of pain and destruction they were denying others. People should under no circumstance be allowed to hold so much control over others by means of denying them their fundamental freedoms.

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Every person should be given the freedom to move and go wherever they wish to go. Slaves were bought or acquired in many different ways but the basic concept was that they were to remain in their masters areas of confinement until told otherwise. This kind of restriction made it impossible for them to learn more about the land they lived and basically made them look like sheep or other domesticated animals which were put an dheld in cages. What the lack of this freedo to move around does is not only restrict the persons to one area thus making them lack an open mind to what lies ahead of the fence that is put to confine them Once you give someonr the chance to move around, they get to see and explore the larger world and open their minds to new ideas and ways of looking at the world and in many cases this is the only way by which people engage in critical analysis of the world around them and ideas seem to just automatically spring up to make things better and for innovative ideas to born. Confinement like in the case of slaves in the earlier days was like what today is confinement for prisoners, we do it today as a form of punishment to the law breakers.

Human beings should all be allowed to enjoy the freedom to marry and have families of their own by their own choices. Slavery brought in the issue of slaves not enjoying this freedom since most of the time the slaves were out in the farms doing a lot of manual labor that almost restricted their time to enjoy the company of their loved once. Some families that managed to have children were in the end in one way or the other torn apart by the masters who would trade their slaves with each other or take away the females to work in their houses as house servants whilst keeping them away from their male colleagues of whom they would start and have families with. The hard labor was also bad for the prenatal health of the mothers who ended up losing their children due to the harsh conditions they worked and lived in.

Freedom to acquire health services is a vital aspect of human lives. Good health is the most important thing that a human being can get to enjoy in their lifetime. It is important that people eat and live in good atmospheres that encourage good health for all. It is not the choice of anyone to get sick and if this happens in anyway, a person should be regarded the freedom to acquire and seek for the best medical services that will accord them recovery or for which they can afford with the economic resources that they have at the time. Due to the bad conditions that the slaves lived in, it was rather common to find many slaves falling sick due to the lack of food, water and other basic necessary items needed for survival. Also the working conditions imposed on the slaves were deplorable leading to the outbreak of many diseases that were mostly highly contagious thus spread among the slaves like wild fires. These slaves had no money nor the knowhow to treat these diseases and mostly ended up dying. The masters would not allow them to go out even in search of medical care and even if they did go out, only the white people who were mainly the masters had any medical advancements that could assist them. Due to the fact that slaves were taken as lesser beings, the white people would not be found assisting the slaves thus leading to the loss of many productive lives which could have been prevented if only medical intervention was offered in time.

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It is of importance to take into consideration the fact that some people might be so poor and hopeless as to offer themselves as slaves to others in exchange for maybe money, accommodation or some other form of gain for them. It is up to us all to protect this vulnerable people who willingly `sell' their freedom as human beings to others. In Britain it is illegal for anyone today to hold another as a slave but in the older days it was allowed for one to engage in self inflicted slavery. This is a form of losing human freedom but by choice to another person. An agreement was signed between the two parties, today a revised version of this is used by employers on new employees where they sign before engaging in job offers. It is a fundamental human freedom for any person to seek and engage in any meaningful employment that they so wish to. In the Southern states in America, the black code was passed to block former slaves and black people from seeking employment wherever they wished to.



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