Free Custom «Do Not Have One Yet» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Do Not Have One Yet» Essay Paper

Many people were affected by the activities that took place during World War Two, and women were not an exception. This paper seeks to discuss the experiences of some women that were involved in the war. Not all men could go to the war. So some women brought the war to them. “Therese Bonney, Toni Frissell, Marvin Breckinridge Patterson, Clare Boothe Luce, Janet Flanner, Esther Bubley, Dorothea Lange, and May Craig were among dozens of valiant American female journalists who went to the battle front and captured historical moments of World War II” (The Second World War Experince Center, 1998). Therese Bonney, Clare Boothe Luce and May Craig were particularly not your ordinary type of women.

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Bonney, a photojournalist, dedicated her time at the battlefront highlighting the horrific plight of civilian women and children displaced and exiled as a result of the war. Clare Boothe Luce also endured the challenges and dangers of the battlefront to cover the war. “But unlike Booney, Luce considered her war reportage as merely ‘time off’ from her normal life as a playwright” (The Second World War Experince Center, 1998). Unlike Bonney who concentrated on the Russian-Finnish front, Luce mainly highlighted the bombing raids in Europe and the Far East. At some point, Luce faced house arrest by the British for writing a sensitive article exposing poor military preparedness of the British.

On her part, May Craig covered the war on two facades. When she was not at the battlefront giving eyewitness accounts of the courageous deaths of soldiers in London, Normandy or Paris; Craig was anchored in Washington newsrooms giving her readership in-depth analysis of the combat. A common denominator about these three journalist is that they were all highly-placed in the society; a fact that enabled them to influence military policy during the war. For example, following Luce’s expose, Winston Churchill had to make a wide range of adjustments in his military. Will Rogers couldn’t have been more spot-on when he said, “Women are not the weak, frail little flowers that they are advertised” (The Second World War Experince Center, 1998).  “There has never been anything invented yet, including war, that a man would enter into, that a woman wouldn't, too”  (The Second World War Experince Center, 1998).


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