Free Custom «Discovery to 1877» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Discovery to 1877» Essay Paper

The U.S discovery to 1877 represent the period from around 1790 to 1877 in which the period covers the events from European colonization to the end of the Reconstruction. Origins of events are significant because they help set the parameters which the later generations have affirmed contested or restructured. Knowledge of the origins enables the individual to consider the present character of the American republic and affirm the current society’s position within it. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the origins of the U.S to their early history in 1877, and examine the impact of the events to the future survival of the U.S. The events that occurred from origin to 1877 have a strong influence on the current and future structure of the U.S and the country will still survive in the next 200 years. The major themes that occurred during this period such as war, race, and class contributed to; political development, socioeconomic development, and cultural development.

Political development

The political culture of America is highly influenced by the period of origin to 1877 (Countryman, p.12). Events that led to political development include the scattering of the English colonies, the vitality of the young republic, the Civil War, and the Reconstruction period. The American political development is also shaped by the ideas, attitudes, habits, and beliefs which shaped and acted on the political realm but were also affected by the politics. These ideas and beliefs include the concerns for freedom, especially from slavery experienced by the Blacks and colored, liberty, order and virtue. Religious beliefs and practice salience also helped shape the politics in one way or another (Countryman, p.123). Currently, the U.S gives a constitutional right for a day of worship such as Sunday for Christians and Friday for Muslims. The Reconstruction Age occurred 1865 to 1877 and is a period in which the American Civil War influenced the solutions of political, social, and economic problems facing the U.S. In the 1862 the President Abraham Lincoln appointed military governors for Louisiana, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Aspects like democracy, emergence of the Republican and Democrat, and voting rights of the electorate, were shaped by the events that occurred after the American Civil War.

Socioeconomic and Cultural Development

Socioeconomic development is seen from a variety of factors that occurred. For example the European colonization led to settlement in the Caribbean in which the Europeans controlled the sugar plantations and production in order to fulfill the demand in the European market (Gorn, Roberts, & Bilhartz, Terry, p. 45). Other activities that the European involved in include commercialization of tobacco in the north and the use of native labor to work in the plantations. Availability of money and migrations from rural to urban areas brought about the emergence of distinct social classes which are still evident in America today. The upper class comprises people who are well of in terms of economic stability education, and generally lead an affluent life while the low economic class comprises of those with low level of education, poor living standards and low income status. Business merchants appeared from both the orient and local and industrialization took shape. Today, America is still considered as one of the most industrialized countries in the world.

The European colonization of North America between the period1600 and 1650 was initially for reasons of settlement and missionary influences. However, the European occupation in the North America culture introduced a variety of issues such as alcoholism, disease and weapons which disfigured the culture of the native North Americans. The current American culture is also highly influenced by a culture of individualism which is adopted in the gilded age. The gilded age was a period filled with exploitation and a culture where everyone fought for self emerged. Moreover, the culture of capitalism was highly regarded as opposed to socialism although some political activists tried to fight for the rights of the exploited people who cannot fight for themselves. Racism also left a lasting mark to the culture of Americans. Currently, affirmative action is included in various social structures because of the speculation that some form of racism still prevails in treatment of racial minority groups such as the Blacks and the Hispanics.

Slavery that occurred before the American Revolution led to the emergence of activist groups such as the Civil Rights Movement which still advocates for the rights of minority groups and works to eradicate racism, and any other form of social injustice (Roark, p.78). Moreover, the religious beliefs of several churches in the South where a large number of black slaves dwelled are formed from the dark slavery period. These also form the basis of what is taught in schools in the current age.

The events that occurred from origin to 1877 have a strong influence on the current and future structure of the U.S and the country will still survive in the next 200 years. America’s political, social, economic and cultural activities are determined by these events of the past and they also form the basis by which the current society is formed. The society will survive the next 200 years because the past events give experiences to Americans from which they are able to know what to pick and what to avoid. For instance, the devastations brought about by the Civil War gave birth to diplomacy as a way of resolving conflicts. It is therefore unlikely that the U.S can go into war again.

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