Free Custom «D-Day» Essay Paper

Free Custom «D-Day» Essay Paper


There a number of events that will be remembered down the history of the American people as well as that of the World. During the world war, the world was taken into massive war that was mainly experienced in Europe. In this war, the Germans with a few countries supporting it fought other nations like Britain and France. The D-Day is considered to be an important day in the American military history given its success and significant in ending the Second World War. Given that the Germans were seemingly winning the war, the allied power made of the United States, Britain, France and other countries planned a surprise attack on the Germans. The surprise attack was meant to be done under operation Overload which was focused on winning the war against Germany from land water and air. The D-Day was characterized by the landing of the American troops as well as other from countries like Great Britain, Canada and Australia at Normandy whose beach was code named Omaha and Utah among other names. The landing at Umah and Utah was seen as a necessary step towards the securing Europe from the hands of the Germans who were waging war in all direction, both east and west of Germany.

The landing of the allied paratroopers at Normandy at the beach of Omaha and Utah was done by the American airborne divisions which were meant to create confusion in the German camps such that they could not attack any stronghold of the allied powers. In June 1944, the American paratroopers landed in Omaha and Utah in an operation that was termed as successful by President Eisenhower. The landing of the American airborne division played a critical role in disorienting the Germans. The successful landing of the paratroopers allowed the safe landing of other troops who were using boats to infiltrate the coast of Utah. The success of the landing in Normandy was a major contributor to the successful advancement of the allied forces towards the Germans strong holds
Events leading up to D-Day.

There are number of significant events that took place prior to the occurrence of the D-Day. These events are worth noting given their importance in understanding the D-Day itself. The initial plan to land at Normandy was complex and requires a lot of planning prior to the actual day. The allied forces had planned to invade the Normandy by air, land and sea. One of the significant events that occurred was the postponement of the invasion.

Postponement of the invasion.

The landing at Normandy had been scheduled for the June 5th 1944 if all things were go as planned. Nevertheless, devastating weather conditions were experience which called for the cancellation of the initial attack meant to be executed in 5th June 1944. Instead, Eisenhower called off the landing and rescheduled it for 6th June 1944. While the allied forces were fully prepared to invade Normandy, the weather turned out to be very unreliable as raging were experienced at the cost of Normandy. Given that the sea was turbulent and risky, the American president was forced to make critical decisions that had the potential of foiling the whole attempt of landing at Normandy. Eisenhower decisions to post the landing by twenty four hours were in line with the safety that was critical for the success of the landing exercise.

The postponement of the attacks due to the bad weather was reached bearing in mind the importance of the invasion at Normandy. Unlike before, the success of the landing at Normandy was deemed a critical step in defeating the Germans who were ready to strike the allied forces at any given time. Based on the importance attributed to the Normandy invasion, the allied force like the United States in Utah and Omaha were prepared to take risks in order to make it a success. Therefore, making any calculated risk like waiting for favorable weather was seen as important to the success of the invasion.

The postponement of the Normandy landing had a number of consequences. The American personnel were forced to retrieve equipment that had placed on the water and ready for use. This was done so as to avoid detection by Germans. Most importantly, the postponement made by Eisenhower made it possible for calamities to be avoided. With raging sea, it would have been possible for the American invasion to fail in Omaha and Utah. In addition, the postponement of the invasion allowed the Americans forces to have enough personnel stationed and ready to execute the landing at Normandy.


Before the invasion of Normandy, there was needed to ensure that all personnel were well trained and versed with the terrain of the place. Training was seen as an essential part of the plan to invade Normandy and it was therefore done prior to the invasion. The Americans were able to locate a place where training was to be done for its military personnel. The united States were confident that the invasion would succeed if it trained well. Plans were made to secure areas for making practices and training activities that were aimed at defeating the German assault.

The United States chose to use North Devon that was to be used as a training ground for preparation for the war. With the coast of Normandy earmarked for training, the American took part in training for the invasion. Using amphibian equipment, the United States personnel staged rehearsals along the coast of Devon. Troops from the United States were also subjected to several drills that were considered to be part of the awareness program meant to equip the soldiers with the necessary information that would ensure their success. During training, the United States personnel were taught how to undertake different maneuvers that was meant to diffuse any attacks from the Germans during the invasion.

Dispersing of troops

The invasion at Normandy required numerous human personnel to be in the right place at a schedule time. The success of the invasion was dependent on how the troops would be dispersed during before the day of the actual invasion. Effective preparation for the D-Day called for the movement of the United States into position prior to the war. The movements of soldiers beforehand would make it possible to quick deployment during the invasion. The arrival of the United States parachutist was one of the critical strategies that were meant to ensure that Germans were taken by surprise.

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Despite the strategic gain that was offered by the dispersal of the United States paratroopers, the army personnel were at risk of being killed or being injured during the fall. However, the dispersal proved to be useful as the United States personnel secured most of the land where they took charge in order to defend those invading through the sea. With the dispersion of the United States soldier, it was possible to for the Germans to be demoralized while fighting back. This was due to the fact that it was not possible for the Germans to estimate the number of American parachutist who came down and landed in the land. The paratroopers were dropped to Normandy by using planes that could carry soldiers to the drops zones. In order to facilitate the dropping of paratroopers, the United States deployed a number of decoys that were meant to distract Germans and make the attack on them successful.

There were a few challenges that were experienced during the dispersal of the United States army personnel in the Normandy. Some of the soldiers missed their anticipated drop off point. This meant that part of the soldiers were vulnerable to attacks as well as isolation from the rest of the soldiers. However, much success was experienced by the dispersal despite the many soldiers who died after some of them were dropped in water where they drowned.

Timing of the invasion

Timing for the invasion in Normandy was a delicate process that required a lot of logistics that were meant to be consistent and accurate as much as possible. It was very important to have all the required forces at beaches of Normandy where they would wait for orders to advance into the land. The United States positioned its troops close to the shore of Omaha and Utah. These personnel were to wait for the airborne infiltration to occur before taking any step.

While the United States soldiers waited at close to the Utah and Omaha beach, the airborne divisions were dropped from the air into the enemy line in a wide area which confused the Germans who were least expecting attacks form the Normandy. The airborne troops where to be dispersed first in order for them to make it possible for the United States soldiers to move into Normandy from the beach. While the United States airborne divisions were important in diverting the attention of the German, the movement into the specified region was to be preceded by the aerial bombardment of the coastal region. Heavy bombardment was seen as way of eliminating the r‚sistance which could allow the paratroopers to land and take their positions. Many planes were used to mount attacks which were meant to destabilize the Germans. In use of bombers were useful in bringing down targets which were in the northern part of France. In carrying out the bombing, many American planes were used to launch excessive attacks on the Germans strongholds.

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At the dawn of the 6th June of 1944, the United States troops stationed near Omaha and Utah moved into their position with the use of amphibian equipment which could float and at the same time be driven on land. Just prior to midnight, the command to attack was given by the United States commander.


The invasion of the United States soldiers was done in two areas. The united States were meant to invade Normandy at Omaha and Utah which were marked as strategic and had to be captured during the invasion.

Invasion of Omaha

When the American invaded the Omaha beach, the Germans were taken by surprise but they had to fight their way against the United States which was invading the places from different the beach. While the United States soldiers had the advantage over the unprepared Germans, they faced some challenges as Germany fought back in defense. When the United States troops approached Omaha, they were faced with a big surprise as the Germans were still guarding the area. In fact, the previous aerial bombardment on Omaha did not destroy the German strongholds. The United States soldiers were met with heavy fire from the Germans who were ready to defend their coast. In the first attack, many of the United States soldiers were killed as the Germans defended the coast with heavy artillery fire. The German defense move was aimed at increasing the number of people guarding the coast from the United States soldiers.

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During the D-day, the American soldiers where on the offensive side as they advanced towards the Omaha beach. The Americas had initiated an aerial bombing earlier which was meant to weaken the German strongholds. Soldiers were then ordered to advance to Omaha though they never expected a lot of resistance. Despite the heavy fire that the German subjected the United States soldiers were able to find cover among the bluff and used their tactical knowledge to climb over cliffs. This allowed them to infiltrate into German strong by using small groups that were difficult to hit at. The United States soldiers were therefore able to gain control over the areas after they received reinforcements.

Invasion at Utah

Utah is one of the areas that were captured by the United States forces during the D-Day after they invaded Normandy. The Germans were not expectant that they would be invaded from areas such as Utah. This made them fail to put into force, heavy defense measures at such points. When the United States attacked Utah, the little resistance was faced as compared to that of Omaha. The Germans were few where easily overran by the American soldiers.

The American soldiers gained enough ground in Utah given that the beach was weakly defended by the Germans. In addition, the Utah was known to have little difficulties since cliffs and other rough terrain were not there. As a result of the environment, the United States soldiers were able to move into Utah and easily defeated the Germans soldiers who could not hold the United States forces in place.

German perspective of the invasion

The Germans were aware that they would be attacked by their enemies from the sea and this made them to develop defenses that could be used to fight back if attacked. During the Normandy invasion, the Germans used numerous defense strategies to combat the United States forces at Utah and Omaha. The German had reinforced the positions using concrete barriers as well as hiding behind the bluffs which shielded its army units. The presence of the bluff is one of the reasons that made it difficult for Germans to be defeated in Omaha. The Germans had also installed a number of rapid-fire weapons which were used to shoot the United States Soldiers who were trying to take control of the Omaha beach. To make the Omaha beach secure, the German has focused in building several strong holds which protected its soldiers from direct fire from any enemy advancing from the sea. During the time of the D-Day, the Germans has increased their reinforcement at the Omaha beach by sending more military units especially in Omaha which was the most defended beach on the coast of Normandy.

The Omaha beach had several guns that were stationed and ready for use against any enemy. The German has also built some bunkers and trenches which helped them during the invasion. In addition, the German had several casemates that had machine guns installed in them. The presence of machine guns at the German coast made it difficult for the American Soldiers to infiltrate into the German stronghold. This was therefore a strong defense system that was ever put up by the Germans. To defend their land, the Germans had built several walls in the water which were meant to hinder the passage of vessels into their coast. As a line of defense, the Germans installed mines in the water which were dangerous particular to any incoming boats or ships. These mines were lethal and slowed down the progress of the United States soldiers.

The German had different expectation for the United States who were to initiative major assaults in Utah and Omaha. The Germans were least expecting the United States soldiers to attack it until when the aerial bombardment had been done by the United States planes which had been deployed in large numbers. During the period before the Normandy invasion, there United States had made some impression that they were not going to attack the Germans. This information was misleading as the Germans did not expect the United States to attach her especially from a place like Utah.

The United States had made Germany think that she was going to attack her from the northern part of France. Given the attacks the united States waged to the Germans in the northern part of France, the Germans were misled into thing king that the United States were going to attack from the northern. The use of decoys when landing the airborne division was a successful strategy that confused the Germans making them fail in launching effective repulsive attacks.

Effects of the invasion

The effect of the Normandy invasion where catastrophic and of a greater implication than any other war that was fought by the United States. During the invasion, a lot life as well as equipment was lost. United States soldiers were much affected by the war being that many of them were killed by German fire. Ships and boats were also destroyed when they run on German mines and obstacles in the sea. While these effects were felt both in the German and United States Camp, the Normandy invasion opened an opportunity for United States to move its operation beyond the beaches of Utah and Omaha.

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After the conclusion of the Normandy invasion, the United States moved and made Normandy one of its strongholds which were helpful in establishing other military operation in Europe. With the building of several fortresses, the United States was able to establish the position in readiness for the Second World War. In fact, the presence of the United States in Europe was key to the defeat of the Germans during the Second World War. The defeat of Germans in Normandy opened a new front for the allies who fought the Germany and defeated them in the Second World.


Evidently, the invasion of Utah and Omaha in Normandy represents one of significant military operations that resulted in great loss to the United States, but to the defeat of Germanys. With Careful preparations, the United States bombarded Normandy and deployed its airborne division behind the Germans. There was followed with the invasion of Utah and Omaha. Despite the spirited fight of the Germans, the United States took control of the beaches at the end of the day. The capture of Normandy later gave the United States an opportunity to advance its operations in Europe which reinforced its ability and role in defeating the German, later in1945.



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