Free Custom «Chronicles of the Crusades» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Chronicles of the Crusades» Essay Paper

Joinville’s Vie de Saint Louis is, in the least, a touching account of a hard campaign in the East, and the humanity and sanctity of a king. There are countless ways in which the reader can be touched, though, from excitement at battle descriptions, tenderness at the goodness of King Louis IX, or annoyance prompted by the imposing presence of the narrator himself. On the other hand throughout the history of humankind heroes have been important to stories and poems. This has been developed by authors and poet by combining a unique writing style, conscious use of details, diction, narrative and tones techniques to outline a hero’s personality. Homer, in his epic poem The Iliad, two classical heroes that are at first different at their basic characteristics come to be very similar in terms of their characteristics. By looking at the following qualities of the two heroes we are going to come up with a clear comparison of the two.


In the allied, the two main characters are Hector and Achilles. They characters can be best illustrated through the use of detail, diction, meter and imagery. These qualities bring out the two characters as they share qualities that makes them heroes base on the ideas of the author. Achilles is godlike but unforgiving, and Hector noble but proud. They may be imperfect, but these characteristics make them both classic literary heroes of the epic poem The Iliad. Though they are brace, strong, respectable and moral they also have a human flaw that finally leads to tragedy. Unlike allied in in Joinville and Villehardouin: Chronicles of the Crusades, there is subject to the purpose of illustrating the attributes of the monarch. The reader is overcome with the pouring of qualities, exemplar deeds, advice and acts of capable administration of the kingdom by his beloved king. The crusaders of yore were not like the hunter that we describe here, they were as violent and passionate and driven by relentless hate for the infidel and blind faith in their own religious beliefs as were, and still today are, the beastlike Jihads. The Crusaders nursed and expressed a burning hatred of the jihads (Book, 32)


The purpose of heroes in the "Iliad" by Homer is more closely brought about by the action of the gods. The core theme of allied is that anger of Achilles which as begin with his argument with Achilles and was finally put to rest until his meeting with prism. It is also set in the world of Greek heroic conduct in war. Hence the main warriors are preoccupied with a material gain hence forth they go an extra mile to protect their reputations within the community. However, this quiet different to Chronicles of the Crusades" by Joinville was to freedom the holy land and drive away the Muslim’s or convert them to Christianity.


According to Historians they viewed the Crusades as a mixture of benefits and horrors. In Allied the Trojan War of the lliad, the Olympic gods, goddesses, and demigods play a major role in human warfare. It allowed the Greek culture the intellectual breadth and freedom to conjure gods fitting any religious function they required as a people

There is also a new knowledge of the East and the prospects of trade to be found there, not to mention the spread of Christianity. Thus the Crusades are an important early part of the story of European expansion and colonialism. They mark the first time Western Christendom undertook a military initiative far from home, the first time significant numbers left to carry their culture and religion abroad. On the other hand, Christianity was spread in a violent, militaristic manner, and the result was that new areas of possible trade turned into new areas of conquest and bloodshed. A number of non-Christians lost their lives to Christian armies in this era, and this trend would continue in the inquisitions of the coming centuries.

How they reflect the values of their respective societies.

The values of the respective society can be clearly be expressed by the barbarity, and duplicity, on all sides. We also learn through the two societies how often one side's victory was really the result of internecine quarreling among its foes. In addition to that, there is enlightenment of the jihad idea which is an examination of the birth and actions of the Murderers sect. Nevertheless, it is interesting tales about the relationship between religion and regional power, and much else that boom with current Middle East politics. Similarly, the book's brief but very sharp monologue looks at how the Crusades may have affected Islamic attitudes toward the Western vision of modernity (Dubois, 95-96)



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