Free Custom «Chinas Development » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Chinas Development » Essay Paper

It has always been thought that China developed all its items from the influence of the rest of the world. The current discovery that this could not be so caused a lot of ripples in all those who supported this ideology. What could be more convincing than the archeological evidence which had been dug up by Chinese people in a grave yard 16 years earlier and now the discovery of corpses aging at least 4,000 years old which left Victor Mair astounded? This happened as this professor was strolling with a group of tourists in the museum of Chinese City.  He might have grown up believing that Chinese technological development was locally improvised but his new discovery left him wondering who these people were with Caucasian hair and all other features which defined a European. The corpses were well preserved despite the fact that they were not processed like those of Egyptians mummies.

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 Since the discovery, a lot of scholars have been down playing the argument that China’s development was not entirely sealed from the rest of the world but the latest archeological findings contrast their ideas in a profound manner. The existence of mummies in China leaves a lot to be desired from what exists in documentations of prior times. Travelling around China reveals a lot of information which is not on papers as discovered my Mair. The Red Hillock, called Qizilchoqa locally, is another site where mummies exist. A travel to this place does not have much to show but it is supportive of the intuition that China’s development was not a standalone effect and it had external players to it. Discovery of spoked wheels and metallic tools in these graveyards show that these ‘barbaric people’, as they were called, influenced what China is today.

The existence of chariots in the Qizilchoqa indicates that they must have learnt these ways from a Euro-Indonesian encounter and there is a probability that they did not speak Chinese but rather a mixture of English and the prior called Tocharian. The emergence of this language can be traced back to the eight century. History has it that China matured on its own but modern discoveries prove otherwise. This issue has led to a division among scholars leaving the layman on the balance. Whichever of the two propositions, it is clear that China was not entirely isolated from the rest of the world and it in fact borrowed a lot from neighboring countries.


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