Free Custom «Building an Empire» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Building an Empire» Essay Paper

In order to create a strong and lasting empire, a king must be wise. Strong empires can only be built where there is a right mix of political power, culture and religion. As a king of a new empire, I would invest heavily in building and facilitating activities of the army. I believe that a fearless and strong battalion of warriors is important to managing an empire. My preferred method of leadership would be dictatorial. It is important for the subjects to respect, adore and fear their king. In order to achieve this goal I would ensure that there is limited contact with my subjects. This is inspired by the law of power in mystery (Wiesner et al. 45).

The government would be highly centralized as was the case with Assyrians and Persians. At the top of the hierarchy would be a militarist king followed by military elite. Like it was with Tilgath, I would ensure that the army is highly disciplined and fights all year-round. Even with a strict expansionary policy, a king should be wise enough to know the boundaries that he can manage effectively. One of the major mistakes of the Assyrians was expanding so fast that their military force collapsed. The conquered territories should be given independence and left to maintain their autonomy. The local rulers should pay homage to the king of the empire at least several times per year. This should be done especially during harvest time and after battles. The conquered regions should also be able to provide a fresh supply of youth to serve as warriors in the king's forces. Like in the Zhou dynasty, conquered territories should be left to continue with their local culture, but also be introduced to some of the traditions and practices of the main/controlling state (Whelpley, Reynolds and Palmer 88).

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The king's name should be glorified at all costs, including propaganda. For an empire to succeed, its culture, religion and political ideologies must be intertwined. This was a style perfected by the Persians. For instance, the subjects must be made to understand that the king is appointed by a supreme force. This supreme force represents the religion that is to be followed by the subjects. Development of a simple but effective form of religion, such as Zoroastrianism, is significant for the success of the kingdom. It is a known fact that religion binds people together. This glue is important for the growth of the kingdom. The king, appointed by the supreme force, should rule according to the laws and principles of the religion (Bulliet 58). In addition to the supreme force, there should be a couple of other smaller gods. This was the case with Olmec and Greek empires. There should be different gods controlling weather, fertility, war, beauty and other factors that lead to success of the empire. The Greek perfected the art of having many gods controlling various parts of their empire. This part of their culture, tradition and religion is embodied in their myths. The myths were passed on from generation to generation and thus created continuity. A king must always emphasize morality and justice for his subjects (Hansen, Curtis and Curtis 59).

The incorporation of diverse cultures and practices into the leadership structure is also beneficial. The king must be vigilant when choosing the cultures to be incorporated into his governance. The multicultural leadership structure was one of the strong points of the Persian Empire. Language could also be a significant binding factor for diverse societies. If it were possible for all conquered states to speak a common tongue, there would be a lot of gain. For instance, a common language would boost trade activities among states. Trade activities would lead to rapid growth and development of the empire (Bury, Cook and Adcock 78). 


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