Free Custom «Best Roman Emperors» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Best Roman Emperors» Essay Paper

Roman Empire was the one of the ancient civilizations in the world characterized by autocratic governments and large territories. The fist emperor of was Augustus and the term roman state described the empire during his time and after. After the ruling of twelve Caesars and Flavians, roman state had the best period in which it was ruled by five emperors successfully including Nerva, Marcus Aurelius, Trajan, Hadrian and Antoniinus Pius. All these emperors represented a line of virtuous and just rule.

The most notable feature in the life and rule of all emperors in the roman state was their method of succession. Emperor would choose his choice to be his successor, which under the Roman law, the bond between the emperr and successor was like that of kinship and such emperors were referred to as adoptive emperors.

The murder of Domitian ended the Flavian dynasty and from that point, the rules of succession changed. Nerva and Trajan were described as rulers not born to rule but they were chosen ones (Cives Romani). Nerva was a strong and skilled politician who rescued his people from autocratic of rule of Domitian. He was popular among the population and senators who referred to him as the father of the country. Trajan was chosen by Nerva to succeed him after his death.

He was a soldier and helped the roman people to fight Dacians and just like predecessor, he was man of people and got involved in public works. The succession between the five emperors was an adoptive one that saw the Roman Empire successful in those years. These emperors rejected the dynasty of inheritance but instead chose their successors carefully. The empire began to fall when, Marcus Aurelius appointed his son Commodus to succeed him.

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The traits common among the five adoptive successions was that they lacked biological heirs and were forced to select their successors from somewhere else. They all portrayed strong character in their thrones and had great vision for their future successors. They offered mutual support to their people when they were under stress and created forums for future peace by maintaining civil administration during their rule (UNRVHistory).


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