Free Custom «American History Cold War» Essay Paper

Free Custom «American History Cold War» Essay Paper

The cold war refers to the relationship that developed between the USA and the USSR after World War II. The aim of this research paper is to study the causes, social, economical and political impacts of this war to not only Americans, but also internationally.

The main cause of the war was that America disliked Soviet communism while the Soviets resented the U.S. for its support of capitalism. After this war, there was fear by Americans that the soviet intended to rule the whole world leading to distrust and enmity between the two countries. The containment strategy and later a policy became the effective weapon against the USSR (Cold War). America build destructive atomic weapon: the hydrogen bomb. Stalin did the same making the cold war perilously high. Socially, the technology created to destroy the world could have been put to good use and helpful to mankind. The war made the government and rich families wealthier. As a result, there was a hunt for communists from America. This was by massive sacking of employees including those who worked in the federal government. Some prosecuted, betrayed and others killed (Foner, 2009).

Politically, it led to parliamentary democracy in the West. This was declaring communist party illegal in West Germany. Internally, anticommunist presidents were elected such as Truman and Nixon who waged war against economic warfare with the Soviet Union. Economically, in America, free market capitalism was advocated, championed innovation and affluence that capitalism brought making the nation the world’s dominant economic power. Much of its money was used for military spending and Strategic Defense Initiative. Forced to increase military spending, the Soviets eventually became bankrupt before disintegrating causing an end to the Cold War (Foner, 2009).

The politics of Cold War between the USA and the USSR was sparked by interest to expand and to contain. It is named ‘cold’ because it did not involve exchange of fire and also lasted for decades. It led to social, economic and political impacts that had both internal and external effects. It came to an end when America gained more power while USSR disintegrated.



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