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American Civil War

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It can be discerned from the above discussions that the American Civil War was caused by a number of factors that include ideological differences on the constitution, slavery, nationalism and honor, election of Lincoln as the President of the Union, tariffs and sectionalism and the end of Mexican War. However, one fact that will stand to remain clear is that this event remains pivotal in the American History. In addition to the above, the first shot to the Civil War was fired from a ten-inch motor by Captain James on 12th, April 1861.

This was an event that marked the beginning of physical confrontation between the South and the North.  The massive loss of lives on both sides of the Unionists and the Confederates by the end of the war in 1865 was numbered at more than one million combat soldiers and civilians with the victory falling in the hands of the unionists. This historical event remains permanently entrenched in the lives of the Americans and has for decades shaped the political and social aspects of the American society. The social fabric that draws the cultural diverse American people together are from the history shared and challenges faced together with the Civil War remaining one of the most pivotal.

Buy custom American Civil War essay paper cheap

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