Free Custom «American After the Cold War» Essay Paper

Free Custom «American After the Cold War» Essay Paper

After the end of the Cold War, it was clear known that the world was coming to long last universal peace. This was approved as the fear of a serious war where different weapons of mass destruction would be used had been stopped. This created a beautiful and wholesome moment around the world but such kind of euphoria did not last long. This was followed by many skeptics, who were afraid that there was plenty of conflict and other issues that had been left in the world. It was proved that such issues had been overshadowed or suppressed by the occurrence of the Cold War. This means that as long as there was a continuous confrontation between the existing two camps, other different conflicts, that had appeared to be minor at the time, would eventually not come into the existence. On the other hand, the Cold War had in an obstinate way been conscientious for the preservation of some working order within the world; therefore, it had been a steady factor in the whole process (Saull and Colas, 2006).

At this time, the United States emerged as the only superpower nation. Such seniority came with great responsibilities, and this went as far as world peace was concerned. At this level no other nation was in the same position to deal with dangers that had encompassed world peace and its surrounding security. But even a superpower is not all-powerful; there are a number of different limits, and this has to do with its capacity to carry out its international obligations. In this case, United States cannot and should not work out alone. The state needs to act as a leader in international action by possibly having persuasion as much as by pressure may put, and this only goes if it is necessary. To ensure that security is well provided, there have been few people who have been volunteers in place of world policemen. This is admittedly not an attractive job, unpaid, with little gratitude that is earned (Cameron, 2005).

The results of insecurity cases let to passing of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, which under the aegis of this Act, the United States Department of Homeland Security was in charge. The Department of Homeland Security came about as a result of the famous September 11 attacks. The intent of Homeland Security was to have an inclusion of bodies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services (Ganske, 2008). The main purposes of homeland security are as follows:

  1. Information Sharing and Analysis
  2. Prevention and Protection
  3. Preparedness and Response



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