Free Custom «All Brave Sailors» Essay Paper

Free Custom «All Brave Sailors» Essay Paper

It was during the 1940’s summer, a dark night on the Atlantic Ocean at the heightened period of the Second World War, when the German raider, an Anglo-Saxon ship with 41 people onboard, sunk. Only seven survivors managed to get to the shore almost half dead after covering a disastrous 70 day long journey. All Brave Sailors is a story that brings out the aspect of man’s determination to overcome all odds as well as the harms he can do during times of war (Carr, 2004).

As the events of the merciless assault unfolded, the greatly armed German raider had concealed itself as an impartial Swedish freighter and this made it attack its enemy ship with immense weaponry unawares (Carr, 2004). However, as it approached the Anglo-Saxon ship, it withdrew its mask and attacked the target enemy with irresistible force. The Anglo-Saxon was defenceless and most of its crew members were killed during the ambush (Carr, 2004).

Despite all the odds, seven seamen managed to escape unnoticed on a tiny boat. Their experience during the fateful seventy day journey is thrilling, and it is the most interesting centre of the book (Carr, 2004). By the time the boat finally touched the shore in Bahamas, there were only two surviving sailors. The author also highlights on Hellmuth von Ruckteschell, who was the leader of the raiding German Widder (Carr, 2004). He had sunk many other ships other than the British steamer and was later tried as a warfare criminal.

All Brave Sailors is a tale that describes heroism, viciousness, and endurance (Carr, 2004). There is a lot that can be learnt from this story, which gives the experience of marine ships and the hardships during the days of the Second World War (Carr, 2004). As a matter of fact, the book is a mark of respect to the unknown and heroic sailors of the merchant maritime ship.



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