Free Custom «African Slavery in America» Essay Paper

Free Custom «African Slavery in America» Essay Paper

Slavery in America has its developmental story from 1619 to 1895. Slavery can be defined as a social an economic organization where people specifically saves are disadvantaged of their freedom and are forced to work as laborers not putting in consideration their will to work or not. They provide their services to their masters who take them as their property. Slaves are not allowed to have any form of personal liberty but to entirely to work under the order of their masters. This paper explores the development of slavery in America from 1619 to 1895.

African slavery in America started in 1619 some few years following the foundation of the first English colony. The colony was in Virginia (Russell, 2009). Slave trade began with Africans being brought to America in 1619. Through the 1680s the few Africans who were in America were used as indentured servants. From 1650 to 1750, the population that formed slaves in America changed gradually from American Indians to almost all African Americans. In the early 1660s, the legal status of African Americans began to be discussed. Slave codes were ratified in many states resulting to the making of non white population in America be branded as slaves for the rest of their lives in America. Towards 180, slaves were looked at as chattels with little legal rights.

African slaves were taken to America through ships. African slavery started in America when war prisoners were sold from war or through capture. Kings also sold those subjects that had committed wrong. This was particularly in West Africa. The business was handled y kings and rich merchants. Some slaves were stolen when they were young by their neighbors. This happened when parents had sent them in farming fields or to fetch firewood (Barbot, 1732).

In times of disaster and calamities for example famine, Africans sold themselves to avoid starving and death. They were brutally beaten and harassed during transportation (Barbot, 1732).

Tobacco business is what encouraged slave trade majorly. It was unknown that the tobacco plantations needed lots of labor. Thus slave trade had to begin to make the tobacco business a success. Slave trade was started in a large scale in the tobacco fields in South America. These resulted to slave trade across the Atlantic Ocean which was famously known as middle passage. Approximately 12 million Africans were traded to what is now referred to as the United States. About 7 million others were transported in the eighteenth century.

In the early seventeenth century, revolts that involved slaves became out of control. African slavery in America was still developing and oppressive and inhumane treatment were the theme of the day. The first antislavery campaigns were first displayed in 1761. This was intensified by the Quaker leaders’ sentiments that no man was allowed to own and mistreat another person. These protests went on for a hundred more years. In 1777, slavery was abolished in the first United States territory being Vermont. In 1780, Pennsylvania followed suit being the first United States state to abolish slave trade.

The slave trade was a traumatizing experience to many children who witnessed the ordeal. At first children were wondering about the fair skinned beings who were very harsh to them and their physique. The proponents of the slave trade were not scared of anything so long as the mission had to be completed. In 1808 slave importation was outlawed. This only hanged how slave trade worked (Equiano, 1789).

Slave trade in between 1619 to 1865 marked the years in America which African Americans suffered a lot. Inhumane beatins lack of freedom and other basic rights was the theme of the period. This came to an end in 1865.



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