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A Leader from the Dark Side

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A leader from the dark side Introduction In this essay I shall be looking at the history of Adolf Hitler a leader from the dark side. Though he is known of dictatorship Hitler had some positive leadership skills. I will try and evaluate them in the essay. His positive side of leadership Adolf Hitler was a German leader born in 20th April 1889 in an Austrian town at the Germany bounder.

His father who was a customs officer was very strict and wanted the best for his children. This made Hitler work hard in school together with acquiring popularity among his peers at the time. During his secondary school days his performance was not good because of his disobedient.

However, he loved helping and he associated himself with the younger student. He joined the First World War and found pressure in fighting for his country (Gilbin, 2002). When he became the president in 1933 he turned to be a dictator and during his time the state was considered supreme and not the individual. Hitler although considered a dictator he had a positive leadership skills that he used. He was a very good orator who made people like him and made him very popular. This made him become the leader of Nazi party. During his time there was an increase in the economic status among Germany people.

He also wrote a book called ?mein kampf? meaning my struggle (Gilbin, 2002). Conclusion Though Adolf Hitler was known as a dictator he has several positive leadership skills. He changed the political life of the country by participating in the world war. He will therefore be remembered by the Germans for his positive contributions and as a dictator.

Buy custom A Leader from the Dark Side essay paper cheap

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