Free Custom «18th Century America» Essay Paper

Free Custom «18th Century America» Essay Paper

This is my country, I was born here and I will die on this soil. My grandparents were born here so were my parents. We live on a very large farm that has hundreds and hundreds of acres of tobacco, my parents don’t smoke it, and it’s not our farm but it is home nevertheless. My parents work on the farm and I join them sometimes though I have other duties in the main house that I am supposed to attend to. The madam of the house likes me (that is what the others say) and that is why I work in her house while the others work in the tobacco plantations. There is a lot of laughter here in my parents’ house, even the other people here are generally happy, my dad says we have to be thankful of what we have today and for having good health and family. The laughter makes all forget the hard labor awaiting us the following morning. We are the slaves of the master in the big house where I work.

Those of us who work in madam’s house are privileged because our work is a little easier and we can sit and enjoy a cup of tea as long as no one finds us. I clean, cook, iron and make the beds. There is a school in the neighborhood but I have never seen it let alone attend it. The school I hear only accepts the white peoples children, besides father would never let me go. I wish I could learn how to read and write, or just read so I could the bible out to my family at supper time. It hurts to see my family and friends working out in the harsh farm every day despite the weather. I hope to be a politician like the man I hear spoken about in hash tones, George Washington. I would fight to have my people freed and only work in the farms at their own will with reasonable pay. I would be the best president ever.

In our society we do not have political leaders amongst us, we have to do as the masters say. From what I hear from my father there has been talk going round that George Washington, the revolutionary Virginian major of militia in America was planning elite forces to attack a French detachment in the Ohio Valley (Volo, J., & Volo, D. 2006). My father and the older men get this information from his cousin who works in the domestic area of his master’s farm. He has a rather urban and better life than we do on the fields. Socially we only make friends between ourselves and seldom leave the farm areas where we are housed. I get to work in the master’s house to dust and cook and be with the madam as she takes her stroll in her garden which I attend to too. We know our place in the society and keep it that way to avoid conflicts with the white people. We do not mix with the white people even in the protestant church when the madam takes some of us along.

Money is a social evil and this we can attest to from the mistreatment we get from the masters’ just so they can harvest more tobacco to sell for more money. This selfishness has led to the white people taking away all our rights and freedom. The war that is going on is because of the need for money on the part of Britain. Our young brothers and cousins are being recruited to the war and many of those that had left earlier have not returned. It is very painful and demoralizing for us all. I am afraid because no one knows the outcome of this war, all we know is that the price has been too high to pay for miscalculations that were not our fault in the first place.

The seven years war led to Britain acquiring new colonies in Canada and India. The war also saw Britain acquiring a very big debt which they tried to repay through taxes they imposed on the British colonies which they had not done before (Kamrath, M., & Harris, S. 2005). Before the war Britain was economically independent and did not have to borrow any money from any other country. The war ate into the reserve purse of the country because it had not been planned and it had not been foreseen that the war would have been active for so long. The people of Britain were already heavily taxed and some money had been raised by double taxing the landlords and those who ran drinking dens. When the deficit came from the high costs of the war, a fast solution had to be reached to ensure the country remain economically viable. If another country especially one from Europe had known of this weakness, they would have easily engaged Britain into a war they surely could not finance. As such taxation of their colonies was the only way out, despite of the opposition this got from the colonies.

The colonies which included America were not amused by this decision and planned retaliatory measures against Britain and France. Troops were even called in to ensure that the representatives sent to collect the taxes on behalf of the Crown safely undertook their duties. These representatives went on to face a lot of opposition on this directive and they asked for back up to enable them carry out their duties. Britain figured out that the only way this was going to work would be through the use of excessive force. They had not foreseen their actions as a possible start of the war that would change the world history. Thirteen British colonies in North America engaged the Kingdom of Great Britain in a war which escalated to a global war after France, Spain and other European great powers joined in.

These agitated wars finally led to the start of the American Revolutionary War that led to the fight for the independence of America from the British and French colonies. The fact that the British had recruited more than 20,000 black slaves and free people into their units meant that they owed then for their services and for this the British declared many more free at the end of the war (Beeman, R., 2006).. The war had also displaced so many workers and this affected the plantations leading to low harvests. The farms never quite recovered from the aftermath of the war. Freedom from these colonialists meant a lot for both the white and black natives of America. The blacks were empowered by the results of the revolution and started demanding for their rights. This is a great historical time for us as the black minority since we can see the future looking a little brighter from the hope of being free to do what we want and interact with the white populace without being their slaves.

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There is a rift between our people and father tells me that it is wrong for us to join the British soldiers as some of our people have done. Father says that we would be better off fighting with the American forces under the command of Alexander since we know the Americans will eventually set us free. The end of the war brought new changes, the signing of the peace of Paris granted land and sovereignty and the most welcome change was the change in the positions held in the society by women, African Americans and Native Americans. These gave these minorities hope for a better day through the acquisition of the human right of freedom. Years later father’s prediction came to pass as my children and their children would live as free citizens of this great nation where I was born amongst the white people.



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