Free Custom «Preparation to Menses and Menopause» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Preparation to Menses and Menopause» Essay Paper


Women experience varied changes to their bodies and behavior right from the onset of menses and the menopause. In essence, the understanding of these changes is critical for them in order to find the best approaches to managing their health. The following discussion focuses on the onset of menses and the preparation for the menopause.

How to Prepare Girls for the Onset of Menses

Most girls remember the first time they have experienced menses. Many girls wish they have prepared for them beforehand. Therefore, if the girl is approaching her first menses, it is wise to prepare her in a manner that will help avoid embarrassment or stigmatization. For this reason, a plan is needed. The most tormenting questions deal with how it feels to have menses, how long it will last, and how a girl will handle it each month. Definitely, she will very much appreciate if she is guided on how to deal with menstrual periods.

Surmounting the Worries

When a girl gets her first period, it is a scary event, and she will be asking lots of questions about what she is expected to do. However, if her main guardian is a woman, she is supposed to respond to all these issues based on individual experience, not leaving out what it was like to have the first menses was when she was younger. If the guardian is a man, a decision has to be made as to whether to help the lady or not, but in most cases, the man can seek the help of another woman ("All about Menstruation," 2016). More importantly, men should remember that most ladies - be it their sisters, daughters, relatives or friends – might feel uncomfortable talking to a male about their female health. Thus, it is recommended that the male guardians create a possibility for the young lady to communicate about her sensitive issues with an older lady.

Prepare a Period Kit

At the onset of menses, girls are most afraid of experiencing them at school, or when they are away from home. To assist a girl in feeling ready for her first period, it is necessary to get her a small pouch, fill it with teen-sized sanitary pads as well as a clean pair of underwear, and advice the girl to keep the bag with her at all times as well as have another pouch just for emergencies ("How to Prepare Your Daughter for Her First Period", 2016). If she is provided with such a kit, it will help her to deal with the cases of leakage, which is her greatest fear. The girl should then be advised about the most responsible measures for disposing of the soiled sanitary pads.

Do not Focus a Lot on the Menses Problem

Sometimes, the girls and other people around her get overwhelmed by the idea of menses and forget about the acne, bloating and premenstrual syndrome (“Your Daughter’s First Period: How to Help Her Be Ready”, 2016). These symptoms might not show up right on the onset of menses but a few years. Thus, educating girls that it is quite normal to experience back pains, tender breasts, and cramps before or during the menses can reduce uncomfortable feelings. The solutions lie in taking nonprescription painkillers and putting a heated pad on the lower back or belly to relieve pain (Elizabeth (USA), 2016).

Seek a Doctor if a Problem Arises

In the event of a serious problem, it is paramount to seek the doctor’s advice. The situations when menses have an abnormal or irregular pattern, pain appears while inserting or removing a tampon, quite heavy bleeding occurs, or cramps persist that the nonprescription painkillers do not help should be addressed by the medical professional.

Preparing Women for the Menopause

Many people believe that menopause is not a phase but rather a permanent closure of the ovary function. 52 years is the average age women slide into the menopause, though there are cases of early menopause at the age of 40 and late menopause at the age of late 50s. Unlike diseases which aging women are prone to, menopause is an inevitable condition for women when they reach the older age (Miller, 2016). Thus, proper preparation techniques for such a condition are essential. Most women suffer when they reach the menopause and believe that nothing can be done about it, while many other seek hormonal control, which turns out to be pretty dangerous for their health. The proper mechanisms of navigating through the menopause are highly advised to be employed by a woman.

Understanding Menopause

Menopause means the end of the woman’s monthly cycles as well as the end of the woman’s fertility. Therefore, the woman has to understand that ovaries develop, store and release eggs meant for reproduction, and during this process, hormones like progesterone and estrogen are also produced. As a result, the moment the ovaries stop producing these eggs, a menopause starts leading to the deficiency of estrogen and progesterone and hence infertility (Hoy, 2016). At the stage of the menopause, the lack of estrogen and progesterone affects the uterine lining since these hormones are responsible for the monthly shedding of the uterine wall which causes menses. However, it is still important to note that these hormonal receptors are all over the woman’s body as they are crucial for the woman’s health (Hoy, 2016).

Hoy (2016) in her article explains that the common symptoms of menopause are night sweats, cessation of the menstrual cycle, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness. Other symptoms that do not happen to all women are insomnia, weight gain, depression, joint aches, the loss of libido, painful intercourse, and increased skin wrinkling. In the longer term, there is an increased risk of dementia, atherosclerosis, hardening of the blood arteries, osteoporosis, and the reduced productivity of all body organ brought about by the menopause.

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Menopause Treatment Options

Menopause is associated with the permanent deficiency of hormones necessary for maintaining various aspects of womanhood. This is, however, a common condition that can be treated through progesterone and estrogen replacement therapies. They involve the molecules identical to those produced by the female ovaries. More specifically, there exists a type of bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy that mimics the way ovaries normally function. This kind of hormonal therapy is efficient and safe for women to consider when they are heading towards the menopause ("Prepare for Menopause before It Starts with These 6 Steps", 2016).

Whenever a woman is still undergoing menses, it is advisable to test the estrogen and progesterone levels to help her optimize possible treatment when she approaches the menopause. The best time to check the level of these hormones is during the menses cycle as it is the time when they peak. Specifically, it is advised that estrogen levels are checked on the 12th day of the cycle and the progesterone levels are checked on the 21st day. Other hormones such as testosterone are also to be checked as they also reduce as one grows older (Miller, 2016).

Watch out for Weight Gain

Most women think that the menopause forces them to gain weight and it becomes difficult for them to control the weight gain when undergoing stress. Although the unexpected weight gain can indeed be caused by the fluctuation of hormones, it cannot be ignored that other aging factors such as the loss of muscle mass and genetic factors cause weight gain, too (Abernethy, 1998). Stress also causes weight gain among women. For this reason, a woman heading towards the menopause may consider controlling her weight by creating a plan to include healthy changes in the diet and increased exercise to control calories, which are typically leading to excess weight gain.

Build up Bones

The hormone estrogen assists with protecting bones in women’s bodies, but at the time of the menopause, this hormone declines thus leading to the weakening of bones. It becomes even harder to replace the bones that have been lost naturally. Thus, at the menopause, most women suffer from osteoporosis - a disease caused by brittle and weak bones (Abernethy, 1998). A woman heading towards the menopause can postpone it by having meals that are nutritious for the bones such as vegetables and fruit rich in vitamin D and calcium. In addition, one should consider regular exercise for muscle strengthening and weight loss. Even more importantly, the doctor’s advice is crucial at this point of the woman’s life.

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Experiencing menses among young girls is the time of life that is both exciting and scary. An older and more experienced woman can help the young girl with her first period by challenging the worry about menses, preparing an emergency kit for her, talking about tampons and sanitary pads, calling for backup, not forgetting other issues that come with menstruation, and finally seeking the doctor’s services when extreme issues arise. Such approach can make the young lady feel more knowledgeable and confident about her female health.

On the other hand, the menopause, however threatening to most women, can be managed by acquiring the right information and planning in advance. In order to gain the knowledge about the possibility of the menopause, the woman should constantly check her hormone levels, consider hormonal replacement therapy, control the weight of her body, build up bones, and avoid smoking and stressing. Such an approach will guarantee the optimal preparation for a woman to enjoy a healthy life at menopause.



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