Free Essay Sample «Venice City»

Free Essay Sample «Venice City»

Located in northern Italy, Venice is arguably the most fascinating city with reference to its beauty when it comes to its architecture, settings and artworks. Venice forms the capital of Veneto region explaining the more than 270,098 residence population.  The city was given the name mainly because of its setup that is characterized by numerous water ways with some people referring to the city as the ‘City of Masks’ ,‘City of Water’ and ‘City of Bridges’. The 117 stretch of small islands add up to the beauty of the city with the Venetian Lagoon being located along the Adriatic Sea. The long stretch of the saltwater lagoon along the Po River to the south and Piave River to the north provides one of the leading tourist’s attractions in the world (Crowley 134).

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The structure of the City is also interesting as it is divided into six areas commonly referred to as sestiere. The areas include; San Polo, Santa Croce, Cannaregio, San Croce, San Marco and Castello. In addition to its structure and sceneries beauty, the climate of the city is just amazing. Venice experiences a humid subtropical climate with very warm summers and cool winters. On an average day in January, its temperatures go as low as 2.5 degrees while in July the tempeatures go up to about 22.7 degrees. The precipitation of the city is spread evenly all trough the year with an average of 801 millimeters. Such climatic conditions attract tourist from other regions which experience adverse climate conditions (Ackroyd 120).

The economy of Venice has been continuously changing. In the past, the city was a major centre of trade and commerce as it was in control of a big sea empire. This led to the City becoming extremely wealthy, making it a leader in economic and political affairs all over Europe. The take over by countries such as Portugal changed the trade empire reducing its naval importance. To continue supporting itself, the City later emerged as major industrial and agricultural exporter. Today, the economy of Venice is driven by shipbuilding, tourism, industrial exports and trade. Some of the major productions from the city include; lace and glass production (Crowley 234).

The City is regarded as one of the world’s most important tourist’s destinations following its most beautiful and greatest arts. In a day, the city hosts an average of 70,000 tourists with approximately 2.927 million arrivals received every year. The tourists are mostly attracted by the beautiful cityscape, rich music, uniqueness and artistiic cultural heritage. Venice is also a major centre of international festivals and conferences that form part of the tourist attractions. The city is known for its cinematic, cultural, theatrical, music and artistic production. The transport system in the city is not just efficient but also fascinating to the tourists as well as the locals. With more than 117 islands surrounded by shallow lagoons, there exists more than 177 canals that care connected by approximately 409 bridges (Ackroyd 170).

Rail roads and water form the basic means of transport in the city making the Venice the largest car-free area in urban Europe. The set up makes Venice so unique as it remains a functional and sizable city entirely without trucks and motor cars in the twenty-first centaury. The economic stability and favorable climate has resulted to a high population approximated to be over 272,000 residences. Of this population, 47.4% are male while 52.6% are female. The minors formed 14.36 percent of the total population while the pensioners taking a 25.7 percent of the share. Most of the residences live in the City with very few found on the islands and lagoons. The population has played a great role in providing labor and work force in the tourism and other industries as well as local market for the same industries (Varia 78). 


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