Free Custom «The African Culture» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The African Culture» Essay Paper

The African culture is rich of different Africanized version of beauty and other aspects in life that is worth documenting. This is a selection of the fetish artistic impression based on the sculptures, it personifies beauty and the sexual being of an African woman that at the same time makes her a respectable being in the society with special attributes very key to her responsibilities and above all, her sexual being as a woman. Her beauty is the centre of attraction.

The first picture is of a fetish African icon sculpture of a beautiful woman in Africa.

She has her own mode of fashion that she worships and adores that makes it her very special characteristics. It is ideal of a Kenyan community referred to as the Maasai in the Kenya. This fashion describes her as a dignified woman of the society, it carries with it the authenticity of her culture, believes and above all, her fashion. This is an art work that is found in the Mount Kenya museum. This artist must have been in an African rich culture region in the world and felt moved by the African culture and the beauty of the African women.

Beauty is an aspect that applies to every lady in the whole world; it is adored by all and sundry. But the nature of the beauty can be attributed to some origin which can be traced by the way the beauty id designed. African beauty however are unique in that they are identified basing with the culture of the people. The hair is made in its own style; the types of the earrings and all beauty icons are unique and designed in a special way. That is an African woman for you to adore and worship. They are therefore appealing for sex and show how good they are. A beautiful woman is also adored and desired by all the people. The artist adores the African beauty and more especially, their hair and jewelry, they are awesome.

The second picture’s title is Spirit mate female figure, Blolo Bla of the Baule tribe from Ivory Coast.

It is a female figure that with it expresses the beauty and the moral implications of the beauty. Morality in most cases is unique with the place of origin and this one just by the look of the features is an African. It also as well tries to represent a morally upright personality with a modest way of carrying herself around in the society. An African woman  even the way she moves and orients her feet is in a good way indicating good modesty and disciple as an African Woman. The positions of the hands are positioned obediently at the sides and touching at the centre at the torso of the body which in African culture is a respectful position and good attributes. Her body is very strongly erected with a healthy body with body curves at the right position and an adaptive neck that is able to carry heavy loads on the head which is the African way of doing carrying loads by women who uphold traditional values. Finally, the pointed breasts and rounded buttock is good significance of maturity, sexual capabilities and attractiveness and thus the capacity to bear children as a woman. She will therefore be able to work and at the same time breast feed the baby after delivery.

This is a deeper insight of the love for the African beauty and it can be felt by every dent that is created on the piece of wood to simply illustrate the role of the African woman, her beauty and her sexual being in the African context. The color of the painting is black indicating that it personifies an African. This is very important for the artist impression as a way of communication to his customers who are art lovers.


This artist is in love with the attributes of the African culture that specially works around women. He is in love with the beauty of the African women, he adores the African culture. The two pictures though from two different places adore the beauty of African women; they are art that address the fetish aspects of the African women. They are dignified, beautiful and they as well respectable people of the society with special roles in the society. They are all related as they describe the African woman and all fetish sculptures adore the African beauty.



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